15 Best Alternatives to Google Reader

Just like other Google apps, the Google Reader is a very useful tool as this web-based aggregator allows you to read and build a reading list on Atom and RSS feeds, regardless if you are online and offline. However, due to the decline of use in recent years, Google has decided to kill it, so here are the best alternatives to Google Reader so you will not be left out hanging.

15. Flipboard


For those who use iOS to check out their RSS feeds, Flipboard offers an extensive array of features. A revolutionary social news app, it collects the content from social media and other websites into something that looks like a magazine with fun and unique layouts, so you can enjoy browsing them.

14. The Old Reader


While the Old Reader was designed to look and operate a lot like the Google Reader, it is, however, a much better option as it allows you to browse your contents, share it with your friends, and add some notes and comments as well.

13. Newsblur


Also available on iPhone, iPad, and other Android phones, you can easily sign up for a free Newsblur account.  This app not only preserves the original site when you open a post or a story, but also features an easy to understand interface. It also comes with ‘intelligence’ features as it analyzes rating and popularity of individual feeds.

12. Feedly


Also available on Android, Feedly is an aggregator that makes it easy to import the most visited news on the web, with a new guide on how you can migrate from Google Reader to Feedly. Aside from offering different viewing styles such as titles, full article, magazines, mosaic, etc.; it also offers the most comprehensive sharing options today.

11. Netvibes


A web-based aggregator that supports iGoogle-style widgets, Netvibes acts more like a social media dashboard while letting you subscribe to RSS feeds from different web pages and blog. Though it does not have a mobile app yet, sharing options can be done by using Facebook and Twitter or sent over email. It is also a simple and reliable monitoring tool for reading web content.

10. Reeder


An aggregate for iPhone, iPad and Mac, the Reeder app can also be synced with Google Reader with useful features like save-state to the app, etc. Besides the new internet plug-ins that can be now disabled at the bottom right of the window, it also offers new sharing services for Macs, while posts on Facebook and Twitter now use the system wide-sharing service, the Mountain Lion.

9. Webreader


Your very own personal newspaper, the Webreader utilizes text-to-speech technology with its web page recognition; wherein you can also configure the web pages you are going to read as soon as they are loaded, read these pages manually, or read only sections of the text.

8. Feedbooster


A web-based feed aggregator, Feedbooster offers an ad-free soothing interface that comes in three formats to read your feeds. It has a multi-dimensional search across all RSS feeds with Google-like search operators; as well as several powerful feed sorting features such as alphabetically, by frequency, by folder, tag, date, source, author, or language.

7. Omea Reader


Free and easy to access, the Omea Reader is a fast aggregate that keeps you organized. It also offers additional features such as contextual access, lightning-fast desktop search, quick extensibility, flexible information organizer, and so much more. You can also synch your emails, contacts, and tasks with MS Outlook ™, so they will be all on one place.

6. RSS Owl


A bugfix that can resolve your issues when synchronizing articles with attachments with Google Reader, the RSS Owl allows you to search for feeds by keywords with the help of the Tool Menu. You can also create tasks and synced them with MS Outlook ™ complete with link resources, due date and reminder.

5. GreatNews


For optimized fastreading, GreatNews displays full images of news articles across RSS feeds, so you can skim through the pages in seconds. It also allows you to highlight the most interesting news with fully customizable keywords, background colors, etc., while storing all your favorite articles locally.

4. FeedReader


For dynamic lists and powerful search of top feeds, the FeedReader allows you to pick your feeds depending on what you really want. A free RSS and Atom aggregator for Windows, it has auto-discovery feature, so you can find RSS feeds in an automated fashion; with keyboard shortcuts and small installation file.

3. FeedDemon


The most popular RSS reader for Windows, FeedDemon offers an easy to use interface so you can be updated in a snap. Besides allowing for Google Reader synchronization, it also features tagging to locate articles, watches, search feeds alert when your keywords appear, and has Podcast capabilities.

2. Taptu


Taptu, a social news reader, lets you add contents from social media sites or blogs and then transform them into beautiful visual streams. You can also mix and merge your contents in StreamStudio or pep them up using the Taptu Magic.

1. Pulse


A free web alternative to Google Reader, Pulse lets you choose from a wide range of interests and subscribe to RSS feeds where you can share stories and save something interesting from services like Evernote. Also available for Android and iOS app, it has a beautifully designed and easy to use interface that provides a very efficient way to read RSS feeds from a number of exciting sources.

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  1. SAJID says:

    I only liked the Feedreader. It is one of my all time favorite.:)

  2. Marc Bones says:

    That’s so weird that http://eldonreader.com is not in the list. It’s my favorite one!

  3. Bharath says:

    Nice to see there are many alternatives. I personally prefer Feedly and Flipboard. Also I signed the petition to save “Google Reader” and hope Google will continue their service in future.

  4. Umer Rock says:

    Nice Alternatives i am using #7 it’s good

  5. Musaddique says:

    nice collection you shared. thanks a lot

  6. Mark says:

    It was announced by the original developer of FeedDemon on Thursday that FD will no longer be supported/developed, in part due to Google pulling the plug on Reader.

  7. greader says:

    Nr. 12 and 15 is Feedly and not Flipboard 🙂
    Nice collection, thx.