4 Tips For Training Your Sales Team Better

As a business owner or sales manager, it’s your job to train your sales team and give them the proper tools for better results. Without effective sales training techniques and processes in place, you’ll end up getting low sales every month.

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Fortunately, there are some tips on how you can train your sales team better and these include the following:


1.Pick The Right Formal For Your Sales Team Training


With the different raw materials available, you would want to look at various ways to implement your sales team training.

There are many options you can consider. Depending on your budget, you can hire companies like Winning by Design to assist you with training your sales team.

Other common formats you can try include the following:


  • In-Person Workshops – These can be a good way to build excitement around your sales team training. If you can manage the entire team taking several hours off, it’s best to bring everybody together. The only thing that you should do is to find the right provider that offers workshops valuable for your sales team.


  • Conferences – These aren’t just great for networking, but also they let your team learn from the proven leaders and get a pulse on what’s coming in your market. Just ensure to put extra pressure on bringing back value to your business. This won’t only benefit your sales team from attending an important conference, but also they can solidify and apply what they heard to reach your company’s sales goals.




2. Lead By Example


If you want to train your sales team better, you should lead by example. It’s a good way to provide new agents a few hands-on experiences while showing that they know what they’re doing.

Once you set the tone for the sales team, they’ll try to follow suit. When you work closely with the sales team on an individual or intimate level, they’ll pick up on tips and tricks of the trade. If you like your new salespeople to be more-friendly, get on the phone and show them what proper calls must sound like.

If there’s a certain way to log data into your CRM software or other business tools, show them personally to prevent any confusion. As a sales team manager, it’s essential to work side by side with your salespeople. In this way, you’ll be able to set a big picture of what you can expect. Just make sure to explain everything properly.

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3. Never Forget Soft Skills


Your sales team does more than closing deals. Since they’re frequently the first contact that your customers have with your company, your sales team is also on the front line of customer experience. Part of providing a good customer experience is being knowledgeable and pleasant about the products you offer.

Part of providing an excellent customer experience is being pleasant and knowledgeable about the items you sell. The best salespeople are those who want to help your customers, pleasant, honest, and willing to listen to help their prospects. They get to know them and build relationships with their customers.

While other sales reps are good with customers, it’s essential to train their soft skills such as good phone etiquette, communication, and listening. Oftentimes, salespeople get a bad rap as being abrupt and pushy. Training such skills can help your sales team soften their approach.



4. Work With Sales Team’s Strengths


It’s crucial to gear your training towards what you like your new salespeople to do for your company, but it’s more crucial to understand that people learn in various ways. For example, what worked for your best salespeople might not work for the others.

Whether you’re managing a big or small sales team, talk to them and don’t hesitate to ask what works for them. If most of them are visual learners, make a video- or picture-heavy slideshow or direct them to online videos relevant to your company’s goals.

Having a training program that will support your  sales team and fits their needs can make a huge difference. Through that, your employees will have a stronger desire to know and learn more.



The key to train your sales team better is to choose the right training format, focus on your salespeople’s strengths, and by leading as an example. Once you’ve done all of these properly, you can be assured that your sales team will be more productive and effective in achieving your goals on sales monthly or annually. Also, proper training can help your sales team develop good habits, enabling them to maximize your company’s sales process.


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