25 Beautiful Examples of Light Graffiti Art

Light painting is one of the best known techniques in photography and is usually only carried out by enthusiasts and specialized photographers. Light graffiti is sometimes produced as performance art, and sometimes just to capture it with photography and video, but either way it makes for some incredible viewing. These are amazing examples of light graffiti Art. Hope you like it and waiting for your feedback.

lightgraffiti1 lightgraffiti2lightgraffiti3lightgraffiti4lightgraffiti5lightgraffiti6lightgraffiti9 lightgraffiti10 lightgraffiti11 lightgraffiti12 lightgraffiti13lightgraffiti14lightgraffiti16lightgraffiti17lightgraffiti18MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA         lightgraffiti20lightgraffiti21 lightgraffiti22lightgraffiti23 lightgraffiti24 lightgraffiti25

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  1. Mahmoedm says:

    Absolutely Incredible..

    Like It So Much, Thank you for sharing