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Apart from Android and iPhone, Windows Phone is also becoming popular with every passing day. Developing apps for Windows Phone is not at all an easy task, especially when you have a restricted toolkit. If you are planning to build an app for Windows Phone and your toolkit is limited with the Microsoft SDK, I am sure you will really like Indigo Studio, from Infragistics, the leaders in UX.

Indigo Studio basically provides you with rapid, interactive, prototyping tools for your web, desktop and mobile apps, such as the ones you’re creating for Windows Phone. Indigo Studio will basically help you in creating functional, animated UI prototypes quickly and easily, which will serve as the basis for your Windows Phone (and other) apps.


Let’s see quickly what Indigo Studio can do for you:

1. You can design storyboards in practical perspective i.e., for real world

2. Rapidly prototype design interactions for your application. These interactions can be integrated with the created storyboard.

3. You can get your prototypes tested from real users.

4. Explaining your designs and prototypes gets a lot easier.

5. Indigo Studio helps you in sharing your designs with the relevant authorities.

6. It’s free!

Indigo Studio

Storyboard for life:

The main purpose of Indigo Studio is to keep your focus on users. They offer you 100+ integrated storyboard scenes and you can incorporate these designs into practical scenarios.

Wireframe Interactive UIs:

Indigo Studio also offers you tools with which you can easily wireframe UIs. With some providers, you can find way too many built-in interactive controls and thanks to Indigo Studio’s neat UI, you can easily focus on the design you are working on.

Adding fast, fluid Interactions:

I personally think that Indigo Studios are way too good at interactions. It does not matter what you are designing for, what matters is that Indigo Studio allows you to add custom interactions. This makes your development experience less complicated because there will be almost no coding, just a little copy pasting here and there.

Animating your transitions:

This is my favorite feature of Indigo Studio, as it helps in transforming interactions into suave, animated transitions.

Share your creation with the team:

Presenting your software prototyping with team members gets way too easy with Indigo Studio. Now, showcase your best work to everyone.

Create Interactive Sketches:

Now, you don’t need a pen and paper to create sketches. With the help of Indigo Studio, you can create interactive sketches that are perfect for review or testing.

Services Provided by Infragistics

Infragistics also provide some great services along with exceptional products. Let me tell you about their services so you know they will accommodate you well.


The experienced team of Infragistics will provide you with consultation services. Their team will definitely educate you in a better way.

Training Services:

They provide with both User Experience and UI-technology training. The best thing is that you can schedule private classes or independent learning with online modules.


Beyond Indigo Studio and Infragistics’ professional Services, there is a lot more that Infragistics can offer you, which is why I strongly recommend it to all developers who are looking to build apps. Just try their developer toolsets or design once and you will love it.

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