Four components your site needs to show off your web design skills

As a web designer, your own website is likely to be the first example of your work that potential clients will see. When they visit your website, potential new customers aren’t just going to be looking at what you offer and at what price; they’ll also be scoping out the way that you have put the design together to see if your ideas are in line with their own. Because of this, your own website’s design should be one that you focus on the most and put a lot of effort into getting just right. If you’re just setting out as a freelance web designer, here are the most important components that you should always include on your website.

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#1. Visual Appeal:

Any good web designer knows the importance of visual appeal when putting together a site. Getting the layout, color scheme, font sizes, and imagery just right can make or break the entire design. Some ideas that you might want to consider to improve your own website’s visual appeal are videography, which catches attention straight away or using infographics, which provide a source of visual interest to your site along with useful information and facts. Don’t forget that strategically placed images are also an important part of thevisual appeal – you can find free images for designers here.


#2. Simple Navigation:

One of the main things that you will know to focus on as a website designer is an easy to use, simple navigation system. Your navigation system should be designed in such a way that any user can easily find what they are looking for, either by searching through the menus or by typing their keyword into a search bar. When it comes to the navigation system, keeping it simple and basic is usually the best way forward.


#3. Responsive Design:

Today, one of the most important factors for thewebsite is a responsive design. As a web designer, you’ll know that more and more people are accessing the web using their smartphones and tablets and, as a result, this has changed the face of web design in many different ways. Today’s website owners don’t just want their site to look great on a laptop or PC; they’ll also want their viewers to have just as good of an experience when visiting on a smartphone or tablet. So, ensure that your own website’s design is responsive to provide your mobile visitors with a good experience and show that you understand just how important it is.


#4. Important Information:

Lastly, since your website is going to be your clients’ first port of call for any information that they need from or about you, it’s important to ensure that any important details are made readily available to them. Ensure that you incorporate factors such as contact details into your main design, and have buttons at the ready to immediately connect your clients to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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