Reseller hosting – not just for resellers

This may come as a surprise to some, but reseller hosting can come in handy for your own personal use as well. You don’t have to plan on selling space to other people in order to make use of this type of hosting account. This short guide will explore a few of the main reasons why you may consider doing this yourself.


Security and Segmentation

If you are running multiple domains and websites on a shared hosting package, or just about any other type of hosting, they are all sharing a single control panel and file manager. In this type of setup, the security risks are higher for all of your sites. There is one single point of entry which opens up a hole in to your entire operation if someone manages to compromise your control panel.

On the other hand, all of the popular reseller hosting packages available these days offer you the ability to create dozens of separate accounts to keep everything more secure, and better organized. If someone wishes to do harm to your websites, they must find the login details of each one of your websites.


More Server Resources

As a general rule, reseller hosting accounts are placed on physical servers that have more, and better quality, resources to keep your websites running smoothly. For example, many shared hosting plans on offer today will state that they support unlimited domains. Some even state that they have unlimited bandwidth and data storage. While this may be true in theory, it often doesn’t work out well.

When you start putting more and more websites and domains on to that shared hosting account, you are going to run in to problems eventually. There is only so much RAM, CPU, and other resources to go around.

In contrast, reseller accounts usually have more of all of these resources, and higher quality hardware. There are also less users on each physical server. This is only a general rule though, so you should always check the plan details and fine print at the hosting providers you are considering.


Easier to Manage EV SSL Certificates

If you would like to use multiple EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificates – one for each domain – then you will need a unique IP address for each. While it is sometimes possible to buy addon IP addresses for a shared hosting account, it is not available from all providers. With a reseller hosting package you can almost always buy the necessary extra IP addresses, which can cost as little as $1 per month depending on your provider.

Without these unique IP addresses, all of the websites on a shared account must also use the same shared SSL certificate. This may not be a big deal for some website owners, but others like the perks of an EV SSL certificate such as having their company name prominently displayed in the address bar of browsers.


Hiring Outside Help

For those who run many different websites, it is always a struggle to dedicate enough time to each one individually. If you are using a reseller account, you can give out the login details to the control panel of one of your websites to someone you have hired to maintain and manage the website. Maybe you have gone on vacation and you receive an alert on your phone telling you that your website is down. No problem, you can simply ask a friend or pay a professional to login to only the affected website to fix the problem.


Selling Websites

Even if you love your website as if it was your own cute little pet right now, you never know what could happen in the future. If you decide at a later point that you wish to sell one of your websites, you can provide the individual login details to the buyer.

This means they will be able to make a backup for themselves, and use any of the other features of the control panel, without the possibility of affecting your other websites. Or you may even want to keep them on your hosting and charge them appropriately.


All In One Monthly Bill

Instead of having the need to setup multiple shared hosting accounts or virtual private servers to accommodate your growing group of domains and websites, consider getting a reseller account that can grow along with you. Hosting providers love it when you outgrow your current situation and will be more than happy to upsize your reseller account, at a price of course. This streamlined billing process means that you only have one single bill to remember each month.

As you can see, there are quite a few good reasons why many people decide to use a reseller hosting package for themselves, regardless of whether they plan to actually resell anything. At the end of the day, it just makes running your online empire that much easier, while also providing more security between all of your websites.

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