Photoshop – Insights, tricks and tips for image editing

The image processing program “Photoshop” from Adobe is an incredibly versatile tool that many people use on their computer. However, only very few know how to take advantage of the full scope of this program. That’s hardly surprising, when looking at the sheer unlimited selection of features! Here, we take a short look at the various versions of Photoshop, and offer a few useful tips and tricks for image editing.

Photoshop – Insights, tricks and tips for image editing


Different Photoshop products by Adobe

Ideal for professionals – the premium class of all Photoshop versions: “Photoshop CC 2015” is THE program for designers, professional photographers and videographers, web experts and 3D designers worldwide. In addition to the various photo editing tools, the program also offers a number of options to create and edit 3D animations. On the website of Adobe Photoshop, there is a short clip that introduces the new features.

For all those who apply themselves to photography rather out of passion and fun,the somewhat stripped-down version of the editing application is a great option. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers a simple, well thought out and very functional image editing program, which makes it simply fun to give personal shots some finishing touches. From processing to organization and presentation, this app helps to refine also mobile shots.


Play with light and shadows – A Photoshop trick …

… among the many possibilities Photoshop offers. Especially in portrait and fashion shots for professional web agencies, it is important to edit the images only slightly. Those who apply Photoshop tricks too liberallyrun the risk of making the images appear spurious. Thus, they might lose credibility. An excellent example of a brilliant photo editor is the homepage of a high class escort agency in Vienna. The images of the charming companions were taken by a professional photographer and are only slightly edited – mainly by playing with light and shadow. Photoshop CC 2015 makes it possible to create not only the lights, but also to emphasize the highlights and brighter light points. In order to reinforce the shadows, the image can be broken up into its components, and then be edited more precisely.

A very great site that introduces interested people in the sundry world of Photoshop, and a whole range of step-by-step instructions for Photoshop tricks, is the Shutterstock blog.A site filled with well written articles giving the reader an amazing inside view into this topic.

Free Photoshop Download – really?

As usual, on the WWW there are countless vendors who advertise with free downloads, and actually succeed–yet, depending on the program. With the full version of Photoshop CC 2015, however, there’s a twist. The full subscription of Creative Cloud by Adobe still costs a hefty 50USD per month. Those who “only” want to install Photoshop CC and Lightroom pay 10USD per month. The fact that there are vendors who officially provide the latest version of Photoshop as a download, of course, raises a certain incredulity. These are mostly trial versions! Trusted providers, such as ““,clearly state this in their conditions.

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