How to monitor Snapchat on iPhone?

Snapchat has cultivated the community of 300 million followers. They do not write text messages – they text on Snapchat, at least 18 times per day. In 2016, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation put it intothe Dirty Dozen List because of sexting and sharing of the sexually explicit material.

Monitor Snapchat

Do you wonder what your significant other is writing via Snapchat? Who do they communicate with? The spyware on an iPhone may come in handy. Let’s regard the two most powerful approaches to monitor Snapchat on iPhone.


Approach #1: Monitor Snapchat with mSpy

Created as a location tracking app, mSpy grew into a comprehensive spyware on an iPhone. Nowadays, mSpy also tracks the whole online activity and the most popular instant messengers like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat.

mSpy enables customers to read every single conversation that a target person has on Snapchat. To get started with mSpy, users need to:


  • Select the package and subscription plan:

The package must contain the relevant feature. Also, a 12-month subscription plan is the most beneficial. The combination of both does not break the user’s bank account. Together, they meet their specific needs and correspond with their pace of life.


  • Purchase the app and register within the service:

Users buy the app on its official site and sign up for the service. The latter provides an online account which contains the Control Panel. This is a sort of dashboard where customers track Snapchat messages.


  • Download it on the target device:

When accessing the account for the first time, customers stumble upon the setup wizard. It walks them through the process of installation and connection with a target person. By the way, besides Snapchat, it’s possible to view other 30 monitoring features of mSpy.


  • View Snapchat messages:

On the Control Panel, there is a list of features available for tracking. Snapchat is one of them. Customers can view the textual content, photos and videos (must be stored on the device), and links to other sources.

It’s noteworthy that customers can create an account to monitor all available messengers on an iPhone like iMessage.


How to create an account to monitor iPhone messages?

To do it, users need simply to provide the email address when entering the user’s information during the purchase. After the payment is confirmed, the system sends a welcome letter to an email address. It contains the link to an online account within the system. For security purposes, customers can always change it’s a password.


Approach #2: Monitor Snapchat with Spyzie

Spyzie is the similar app-based service. Its spectrum of monitoring features is more limited. From the very beginning, it offers a Premium account (there’s also the Ultimate one) to get access to its advanced opportunities. That way, customers can view call logs, social media, messages, including Snapchat.

Spyzie promises to provide necessary updates every 24 hours, which is quite late for helicopter parents. Its positioning is quite clear: the application is designed to help parents and business owners.

The process of installation is similar to mSpy’s one, as well as the creation of an account. Users don’t have to install the app on their device. Instead, to check the data from the monitored phone, they need to access the Spyzie account from any device (cell phone, Windows PC, Mac), provided there is the Internet connection.


mSpy vs. Spyzie: which one to choose?

When it comes down to a delicate issue, it is important to have not just an application, but a service aka a reliable digital partner. Hence, here are points to pay attention to:


  • The number of features going with the necessary one:

mSpy has about 30 monitoring features; whereas Spyzie – 11 ones. However, if a customer only needs Snapchat messages, there’s no point to use the package with all of them.


  • The service doesn’t make you jailbreak an iPhone:

Both do not require jailbreaking. It makes the device vulnerable in front of malware and viruses. Instead, to know the target device iCloud credentials is a must.


  • The way the service processes and stores the customers’ data:

mSpy an encryption-backed functionality, which allows to no one but a user to view and to read the data. That way, the personal information is secured the most.


  • The compliance with the GDPR

It is the European Union Regulation on data security. Both applications stick to the regulation, which means the customers’ personal information is in safety.


  • The customer support care:

mSpy offersthe Help section, the FAQ page, tickets submission option, live chat, phone and mAssistance (a full accompaniment from the very beginning). Spyzie helps out via the Help, FAQ, and Feedback pages.



Both have the demo versions that give a clear picture of how they work. Similar services always have trials that allow shortly to understand if it’s a good fit for an individual or the entire family. Indeed, the aforementioned points serve as focus ones when selecting an appropriate spyware for an iPhone.

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