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There has been some really nice cool tools released these past few weeks. If you have not been keeping tracking, I have featured some of them below. Some personal favorites include a new flexible gird system framework as well as a nice font set for coding. Again, I am amazed at the kind of free stuff you can find on the web that is so useful for designers and developers.

On a side note, the common use of black background is pure coincidence. Seems like a trend nowadays to use black as the dominant color scheme.


#1: Flexible grid system

cool tools roundup 10-1

The first tool that I think is interesting is the flexible grid system for front end developers called However, the current build, while offering flexibility, comes at a cost of a bloated size. The developers are trying to bring the size down but currently, it does pretty promising.


#2: Dynamic logo CSS tutorial

dynamic logo CSS

The second recommendation is not a tool per say but it is a great tutorial that shows you how to create dynamic logo using CSS. For those who are looking for a way to make your logo non static, this is a very resource to read up on.



cool tools roundup 10-2

This is a rather neat app that helps you to track ideas and projects. It is a bit heavy right now but the UI looks gorgeous.  Give it a few iterations and the creators should get the size down.


#4: RSSheap

cool tools roundup 10-3

For developers, you might want to give this cool RSS reader a try. It uses a very innovative tag system that I have not seen before. Basically, you subscribe to tags rather than particular sites and the system will recommend you relevant articles. Your tag pool can grow as you read more and use more tags. Pretty cool.


#5: Timezones

cool tools roundup 10-4

Timezones is a free app that takes the trouble out of timezone conversion. It is a neat little tool that solves a problem for frequent travelers or folks who have international clients.


#6: Input

cool tools roundup 10-5

Input is a really nice designed font for coding use. If you are a front end developer, this font set will work very well if your existing workflow and reduces the inconveniences of font coding.


#7: Hackerwebapp

cool tools roundup 10-6

If you love reading Hacker News but find their mobile reading experience to be less than ideal, you should definitely this app and take your hacker news reading to the next level.


#8: Blast.js

cool tools roundup 10-7

A useful tool to separate the text for easy typographic manipulation. If you have been trying to do this on your own, you should get this tool to make your job easier.

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