Offshore hosting guide – For choosing reliable and affordable services

Selecting an ideal web host is daunting with a long list of available hosting providers. Every online project is different and the web host you select needs to meet all standards necessary for hosting your website. Due to privacy law and freedom of speech issues, many businesses resort to offshore web hosting services.


International web hosting services

International web hosting service providers offer similar hosting plans as in the USA or Europe. Prices reflect the living standards of those countries. It is advisable to not base your decision only on low pricing to avoid compromising the service quality. Take time to research, read customer reviews and compare services of several hosting providers. In addition, you may consider several aspects given below.



Many customers prefer web hosts from Pakistan or India because the services are cheap and technology of both countries is quite advanced. Whereas you can find a good hosting providers also in these countries, try to avoid the cheapest provider as they often cut corners with security and support.


Geo location

The closer your hosting server is to your target market area, the faster the visitors can get access to your website. International web hosting services are suitable for businesses targeting visitors all around the world. For example, if you target people in Europe and North America, then Iceland as centrally positioned country would ensure a good global response time.


Service quality and support

Today many service providers are aware about the significance of technical support and they make good effort in providing it. However, with international hosting service you may experience issues in example due to different time zones or language barrier. Make sure your new hosting provider can provide technical support in fluent English.

Demand in hosting industry has made some providers host servers in their garages or residential buildings to save on costs. Avoiding such setups is a wise decision. It is not wrong from you to ask if the hosting facilities are ISO certified.


Payment methods

It can be a hassle to send payments offshore. Many offshore hosting providers accept PayPal and some accept even Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. However, this is not to be taken for granted.  It is always advisable to check with the potential offshore web host candidate before signing up.


Our recommendation

In case you are having a hard time to find the right partner, you can check OrangeWebsite, web host based in Iceland. They understand the concern about protection of the private data. For this reason, they have designed anonymous hosting services to deliver satisfaction to offshore customers.

Moreover, they are supporters of green energy by using renewable energy to operate their servers and facilities. Obviously, as they are based in Iceland, they chose hydropower and geo-thermal energy instead of solar energy to run their servers.

In article published by Andrew Henderson, better known as Nomad Capitalist, OrangeWebsite is listed as the best offshore web hosting provider.


Promote your eco-friendly website

Start your personal green campaign with OrangeWebsite. They are offering all web hosting clients a Green Website Seal, which can to be placed on to your website. The green seal is a dynamic seal solution for your online product and brand promotion.

OrangeWebsite allows majority of their staff to work at home. Less energy is spent in operating office premises. Cars get off the roads, minimizing carbon the footprint. Besides conserving the natural resources and using less energy, green web host provides long term benefits for your brand. Public appreciates a brand that practices “Go Green” policy, instead of only focusing in increasing their revenues.

OrangeWebsite has a good record for high level uptime and technical support. They guarantee 99.9% uptime and full customer satisfaction with 30-day money back guarantee.


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