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Whether you have a newly created site or one that’s already established, you need to make sure that you know your audience and its online behaviors in order to find out what necessary adjustments you need to make to your site. This is where the analytics services come to help you, as they provide you a way to visualize and study your website traffic.

Hotjar is a new tool, that enables you to fully understand how your audience interact and use your site and content. But unlike most similar tools, which are very expensive, it gives you unlimited access to your users behavior for the small fee of 29$ per month. And at the moment you can start using it for free since they are in beta.



Cool Features



One of the most impressive features of Hotjar is certainly it’s heatmaps. This shows you what your visitors are interacting with, complete with scrolls, taps and click so you know exactly what grabs your visitors attention.




We also like the fact that Hotjar brings you the ability to add surveys and polls which will help you gather important user experience data from the users themselves. A major upside here is that you can create an unlimited set of questions that you can integrate in these surveys, so these are very customizable.


Form Analysis


Hotjar provides a very useful funnel and form analysis tool to help you understand at which steps your traffic drops out and where you need to work on improving the funnel or form.


Other functions

Hotjar can also provide you with a proactive chat function that makes it easy for you to integrate a chat function within your site so your users can interact with you immediately.

Another tool that might be useful for some website owners is the ability to recruit users which can act as testers for your site, telling you if they encounter something wrong with it.

Hotjar helps you bring all the necessary information right under your fingertips, so you can quickly solve problems with your site. The app will help you understand if a website page is not efficient, it will help connect directly with the visitors and it will in end help you understand your visitors.

An interesting thing that we spotted is that if you refer 5 friends to the app you will gain a 6 month access pass for free, which we find to be a killer deal.



Overall, we find Hotjar to be one of the best website analytics tool that you can find on the market right now. Not only it makes it easy for you to identify the user activity on your site and track any problems that might appear, but it also enables you to gain access to an amazing set of tools for a small price.

In conclusion, we recommend Hotjar to any person that wants a professional way to grab and analyze visitor behavior. By using Hotjar you can optimize your site and make it more profitable, so the small investment can pay off big time in the future. If you want a great website analytics tool, then try Hotjar as this is one of the best one out there!

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