Financial Tips for Career Photographers

When you decided to become a career photographer, likely, you did so in the knowledge that you wouldn’t earn a great deal of cash for the first years of your career. Nonetheless, you were also aware that your gear – the camera and accessories you own – bring your value as a photographer, and this gear is expensive. As such, a career as a photographer is a complex balance of finances that can often teeter into danger, in terms of spiraling debts. This article offers some helpful financial tips to help budding photographers in their early careers.

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Build Jobs and Clients

Without that base of income to support yourself, you won’t be able to afford any of the luxuries that your camera and its editing software might be crying out for. Before you worry about how to invest in the best hardware possible, you simply need to generate some income from your activities as a photographer.

Happily, though this can feel like an uphill battle, you can find jobs almost everywhere. Often, the difference between a hard-on-their-luck photographer and a profitable one is simply their tenaciousness when it comes to asking businesses for work. Be willing to email, petition, plead, and show off in your attempt to build up your client list, which will simultaneously build up your portfolio to show to future clients, too. The Balance has a good guide on finding work as a freelancer.


Savings and Budget

As someone on a variable and low income, you must have as much control over your spending as possible. It’s this control that will avoid your sinking into debt, or spending far too much on a new lens before you’re able to pay for it. And you get all this knowledge from drawing up a budget.

It’s one of the less exciting tasks in your freelance, creative career. Still, it’s incredibly valuable in helping you get your feet off the ground, and to give you some form of financial security. If you’re able to understand how your finances look from week to week, you can make better, bolder plans for the future.

Access to Loans

Finally, all freelancers and bit-part workers will know that a short-term loan can be the holy grail when the invoices you’ve sent aren’t quite clearing, and you’re down to your last few dollars in your bank accounts. It’s during these moments that having access to quick cash can be so important – to afford photography software, programs, hardware, or equipment.

As such, search for short term finance from CashLady to deal with your financial worries, get yourself over the line with rent and equipment rental, and help you manage a stable financial life that avoids missing payments that will affect your credit score. Remember to use these services only if you know you can pay back on their terms – so it’s worth knowing that you have a big job lined up down the road, which will fund your loan repayments in the future.

Careers in photography can take years to get off the ground – and in the meantime, these tips will help you remain financially stable as you perfect your craft.

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