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The modern hiring process can be long and overly complicated, and can place a lot of pressure on current employees to make decisions about who should be considered for a potential hire.   If you are looking to hire a web developer or programmer, one way to alleviate the load of accepting applications and conducting interviews is a screening program from   What Tests for Geeks does is it allows the employer to gage the abilities of potential candidates for a job.   This makes the task of the employer simpler in two ways.   First, it allows the employer to see right away which of the candidates are most fit for the job with a concrete assessment of their skills.   Secondly, it saves a lot of time that might otherwise be spent trying to gage in person the aptitude of potential employees, or even on the job training if it turns out they are not as skilled as anticipated.

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How it works

The way that Tests for Geeks tests function is simple.   All the employer needs to do is select the type of programming that applicants need to be familiar with.   For example, a test could be created for JavaScript or for HTML/CSS.   Once the test is created, the link for the test can be passed on to the candidate.   Tests for Geeks allows the employer to either make a custom test for each applicant, or make just a general link that all applicants will be able to use, that will record their information in conjunction with completing the test.   This gives the employer the ability to send all potential employees one link, and then compare their respective abilities.

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As an employer, this information is critical, because it shows immediately who is unqualified for the position, and also who has the best skillset overall.   Although this obviously is not a substitute for sitting down with an employment candidate and interviewing him, it does help to get a feel for the applicants beforehand.   In particular, it may allow the employer to notify some applicants that they do not have the proper qualifications and are not being considered.   This saves time for both the applicant and the employer.   The employer can now use that time to interview the candidates who possess the required skills, and determine who is the best fit for the position.

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Some situations in which Tests for Geeks is particularly effective are when dealing with overseas applicants, and when working with a freelancer.   Tests for Geeks gives the employer the ability to make a hire in one of these situations without ever having to meet the individual.   If work is to be performed remotely on a contract basis, then there is little need to learn how that person might fit into the culture of the company.   For freelancers especially, it gives the employer an accurate verification of the abilities of the potential hire without needing to look for ratings or testimonials.   Word of mouth is good, but data showing the candidates real abilities is even better to have.   Because of the ability to make a permanent link to the test, it is a simple matter to create a job posting that will include a qualifications test for applicants.   It can also help the applicant determine just how interested he is in the project.   If he takes the test and realizes that it is not something he is up for, then it saves him the time of filling out an application and waiting to learn from the company what he is expected to do.   Another feature of Tests for Geeks is the ability to open the tests in your company’s own domain.   A test link appearing on the employer’s website does not have to make any mention of Tests for Geeks, and the test will open in an anonymous domain.   However, you have the option as the job poster to use your own website as the test domain, and include your website’s logo for a more professional feel.   This feature is available to customers who purchase unlimited plans.   For more information about this feature, feel free to visit

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The pricing of Tests for Geeks is very affordable.   Subscriptions to the test services begin at $29.95, with a selection of different plans to fit your needs as an employer.   If it is only needed for as a one-time tool, there is a plan tailored to that.   If it is a tool that is going to be incorporated into the company’s hiring structure indefinitely, there is a plan tailored to that as well.   Tests for Geeks makes it easy to identify a plan that will work for each particular need.



Overall, Tests for Geeks makes it very easy to assess applicants without putting any extra time or effort into it.   Something as simple as an online test can completely change the game when it comes to taking applications for open job opportunities.   It makes the job of the recruiter or hiring manager simpler, because it allows them to see the knowledge that a candidate has before ever meeting him or looking at his resume.   It also makes the interview process easier for qualified applicants, because they are not as concerned with showing how much they know; they have already taken a test to do that.   Without Tests for Geeks, the employer faces probably hundreds of man hours reviewing applications, conducting phone and in-person interviews, and also probably spending much of that time on applicants who are not even fully qualified.   By incorporating Tests for Geeks into the hiring structure, much of this time and energy is saved, and can be put towards the applicants who have the most promise.   Tests for Geeks is a highly efficient and highly practical method to learn about an applicant field without having to invest unnecessary time and effort.   The screening methods and style of Tests for Geeks will likely be what the hiring process is modeled after in the very near future.

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