How to Make Money on Instagram: 5 Ways to Start Today

When discussing social media networks, some users remember the way it used to be in the beginning. Social platforms are constantly growing and evolving, and the same conclusion goes for Instagram as well. This is probably the most popular business-oriented and the fastest developing platform since 2010 when it was first launched as a photo-sharing app. This network is now the most powerful social media, with a certain influence that comes along with the 1 billion monthly active or 500 million daily users and the fastest-growing rate of creators and followers.

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Instagram helped to create many careers and businesses, while some new and small industries gained more attention. Instagram creators are going above and beyond, using professionally staged pictures and videos to make every upload interesting and appealing.  All this and more has to be done to get more followers – Without them, nothing would be possible as the total number of followers is the most important parameter to determine the success of a profile. Having a lot of followers on Instagram has many benefits and just one of them, probably the most important one is to influence a large number of people. This way a cause or some social, health, or environmental issue can come into the focus, and the information about it can spread around the globe, within a few hours. Making money on Instagram is possible, thanks to many brands and companies that are looking for Instagrammers, capable of reaching the targeted audience.

How to get more followers on Instagram could be the question of the century, or at least of its second and third decade. Creative and regular posting is the two most important strategies.

Sharing photos or selfies and videos on the profile is not enough, they have to be armed with long captions and interesting hashtags as well. Collaborating with other creators or influencers and companies is essential if not a must. Creating IGTV series, memes, groups, and communities, and promoting Instagram profile on other social networks, can also work for some creators. These activities can take months, or years and sometimes even that time is not enough to reach a substantial number of followers. Some creators will not hesitate to use web services to boost their profiles by buying a certain number of real followers.

Instagram is widely popular, especially with teenagers,  and at the same time labeled as a favorite or preferred network by many adults. Some experts think that multiple picture uploads, stickers, filters, archiving and picture collection options have something to do with it. Instagram helps users to connect with their favorite brands and products or celebrities. Information can be exchanged quickly and directly so it’s not a surprise that the latest 2020 data showed that the global Instagram population worldwide is 35 years of age or younger, ready to spend 53 minutes or more checking new uploads and suggestions.

There are many strategies to earn money on Instagram but these five ways can be a part of any how-to guide on this platform:


1. Open and promote your own online store

For product creators, Instagram could be a virtual haven. It’s easier than it looks. The posts with your products’ photos will be simple yet a clear and honest reflection of your hard work and love. An interesting product, cute packaging, and an efficient way of distribution is all you need. Of course, happy customers who will phrase your work are a useful bonus.

For those who already own a business, Instagram can be a very elegant way to promote it. If you scroll the feed for a while you’ll see many small and big companies and brands looking for potential buyers. This way of promotion is already in use, especially for photogenic products that are characteristic for industries such as food, beauty, and fashion. The promotion directives are simple: offers should have something special or different, and rule 80-20 should be always respected. In five posts, only one should be promotional. Other photos can show the “humane” part of the business, such as employees, moments of celebrations, or prints screens of communication with happy customers.

2. Collaborate with brands

Marketing influencer is probably the most popular occupation on Instagram at the moment. It’s an effective strategy, used by many brands. They are always in pursuit of Instagrammers both micro and macro, that are known for their expertise in a certain niche. Creating good and original sponsored content for companies and their products or product launches requires some level of knowledge and experience. It can be learned by reading about social media marketing strategy and by watching how the most successful people in this line of work are doing it.

3. Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a type of promotion used on many platforms and websites. The affiliate is not paid for promotion, it’s paid per sale. The promotion can refer to a specific product or company in general. The process of affiliation is usually done through the URL that can be incorporated into the post. When people shop using this URL, the affiliate gets a commission.


4. Sell your photos and other digital products

Talented photographers, writers, or trainers can find their audience and customers on Instagram. High-quality photographs, e-books, cookbooks, travel guides, fitness programs are just a few examples of digital products. Actually, these creations are selling quite well on Instagram because people who use this network are already familiar with these types of purchases.


5. Become an Instagram blogger

Experienced vloggers, bloggers or let’s just say a story-tellers can easily turn this talent into the source of income. This person has to be good at creating interesting, provocative narratives for a particular occasion or product. If combined with artistic photographs, success is inevitable.


Hopefully, these five examples of proven Instagram money-making marketing strategies can be an inspiration and a boost for anyone who is considering to try it. With a decent base of Instagram followers, dedication, and persistence anything is possible.


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