Website scrolling: good or bad for brand image?

Advertisement Take a look around and you’ll notice that thousands of websites – and more than likely a few within your own niche – are transitioning from standard websites to “pageless” or “scrolling” websites. Is this just a [&hellip

Stay on track with excellent record-keeping

Maintaining proper financial records as a business may not be the simplest or most convenient task, but it’s absolutely necessary. Whether you’re a company comprised of one person or more than a hundred people, it is vital to [&hellip

Specializing in IT: follow your passion

Few career fields offer the variety of opportunity seen in the IT sector. Whereas the majority of professions are seeing a shrinking of demand and specialty, information technology is seeing an expansion of positions and responsibilities available across [&hellip

The future of social commerce

Free market economists will often purport that the marketplace is simply a place to engage in conversations, and have conversations that sound genuine. This is what social commerce – social media, digital media and user-generated content – facilitates, [&hellip

The biggest digital marketing trends of 2016

Digital marketing is huge today because businesses recognise that consumers spend most of their time online, even when they’re on the go. By marketing your business to your target audience in the digital realm, you’ll be able to [&hellip