6 ways to increase the amount of content on your website

In today’s online marketing world, content is king. If you want to increase brand awareness, get more engagement on your site, and increase the amount of people visiting your site, you need to be continuously adding fresh content. When you add new content, it improves your standings in search engines, along with allowing your visitors to share the content with their friends and family.

There are many benefits to having great content added to your site on a regular basis, but the problem is getting that content. Below are some ideas for how you can consistently add new content to your site.





The first thing you should do is set up a blog on your site. Having a blog allows you to have a place on your site where you can add new content, without having to rearrange or change the layout of your existing website. You can write about what your company is currently working on, any news related to your industry, sales you have going on, or anything else. Just remember to keep your content engaging and related to your topic.


Guest Blogging

Blogs are great for your website, but it can be hard to come up with new topics all of the time, or maybe the time spent on it simply does not give you a good ROI. A solution is to look for guest bloggers. This is when you ask someone to write an article for your website, and in return you allow them to link back to their website. Many people are happy to do this as it gains exposure for their website, and you get free content for your website. There are many benefits to this system, and it is essentially a win-win for both parties.


Aggregate News

Rather than writing up lengthy articles on all of the things happening in your industry, let another site do it. Find a site that reports on the news, then simply write a summary of it on your blog. Link back to the original article so that people on your site can find out more if they so choose. This is a great way to add another page to your website, without having to take the time to write an entire article. However, be sure you are citing your sources, otherwise you will be guilty of plagiarism.


Video Tutorials

If you have the means to produce them, and if it suits your company, having video tutorials on your website can be of great benefit. For example, if you are the owner of a hardware store, you could have videos that show people proper painting techniques. If you can’t make the videos yourself, find some on YouTube that you can use, write up your own description, and be sure to once again link back to the source.


Video Transcripts

Sometimes people don’t have time to watch the entire video, or would simply prefer to read about the topic. If you produced videos for your site, consider having them transcribed as an added feature for your visitors. Using a site like SpeechPad.com, you can get quick transcriptions of your videos, turn them into their own blog post, and in turn, grow your business. If your company works a lot with videos, then turning them into separate blog posts is definitely something you will want to consider.


Portfolios and Photo Albums

Lastly, if you have any pictures at all of your business or the work you have done, you should absolutely have them on your site. Photo albums are fairly easy to create, and allow you to display photos that can often say a lot more than words. While you can tell someone about the great cabinets you built, it might be much better to show them.

If you can put the 6 things above into practice, you should have no trouble at all adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis. We recommend using all of them to some degree, and not just sticking with one method. Diversifying will look better, and please more people. Just remember to make sure your content is of a high quality, and to not simply focus on quantity.

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