The biggest digital marketing trends of 2016

Digital marketing is huge today because businesses recognise that consumers spend most of their time online, even when they’re on the go. By marketing your business to your target audience in the digital realm, you’ll be able to reach them more easily and hopefully encourage them to make more purchases. But to be successful, you need to be aware of the latest digital marketing trends. In this way, you can make the most of your efforts. Check out the information below to get started.

 digital marketing trends of 2016

Social Media Ads

Rather than spending their money on TV ads or radio ads, more and more businesses are opting to purchase ad space online, particularly on social media networks. After all, this is where most people end up spending most of their time while online.

To make the most of this strategy, decide which social media platform(s) would be worth your money. This can be determined by doing some research into where your target audience spends most of its time. For example, would an ad on Instagram be more effective than an ad on Facebook, or should you invest in advertising on both platforms to cover all of your bases?


Content Marketing

Because consumers have learned to ignore traditional advertisements in various forms, from magazine ads to online ads, many smart businesspeople are using content marketing strategies to reach their audience.

Content marketing is strategic because it’s focused upon the creation and distribution of content that’s consistent, relevant, and valuable. You’ll be able to develop content that can be posted online and that will attract and retain the attention of an audience that would be interested in purchasing your products and/or services. This content can be posted on your site, on others’ websites in the form of a guest blog or sponsored post, and on social media.



Whether you simply purchase ads on some of the most popular podcasts out there or you decide to create your very own podcast, this is yet another tool that you can use to reach a broader audience in the digital realm.

Podcasts are growing in popularity, and many well-known brands have already jumped on the bandwagon and have created and launched their own podcasts to connect with their audience in a whole new way. So if you’re in search of a new digital marketing strategy that is a little bit different but very effective, definitely give podcasts a try.


Video Ads

Whether you create a video ad that will play before a YouTube video or that will display on Instagram, video is definitely an emerging marketing trend in today’s business world. To get the best results, hire a professional videographer who can film and edit your video to your specifications.

There are many ways to market your company to consumers in a digital format. From social media ads, to content marketing, podcasts, and more, you can find the strategies and tools that work best for you, even if it takes a little bit of trial and error at first.

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