Specializing in IT: follow your passion

Few career fields offer the variety of opportunity seen in the IT sector. Whereas the majority of professions are seeing a shrinking of demand and specialty, information technology is seeing an expansion of positions and responsibilities available across virtually all industries. For men and women concerned about finding a career path they can be passionate about, IT training currently opens more doors than any other avenue of education and experience.

Specializing in IT


IT is everywhere

Many fields and sectors have their “hot spots” – media is unofficially headquartered in New York, LA, and Toronto, energy down in Texas, research science along the coasts, and so forth. Those passionate about finding work in these industries typically have to make a decision to relocate if they aren’t already living in these areas. Otherwise the majority of opportunities will pass them by in life.

IT professionals, on the other hand, are in demand in every city across the globe. Computer-savvy Canadians can begin their careers working in IT support in Ottawa, or whichever urban core is closest. Same goes for technophiles in the American Midwest, South America, and beyond. In short, following your passion in IT doesn’t require a cross-country relocation, nor does it inhibit your ability to move to wherever you wish, either.


IT is in everything

Data-driven systems are increasingly being found in practically every product available. Everything from motor vehicles to toasters are being synced to the Internet and therefore plugged into some sort of cloud management service. Known as the “Internet of Things,” this shift in the baseline expectations of common products is poised to expand demand for IT service.

Thus it’s easy to see how, whether your passion is working with toys, in videography, on cars, or home improvement, having IT expertise opens doors to all of these departments. There is room for your talents in virtually every facet of life if you know your way around coding, data administration, and software design.


IT is expanding

It’s hard to imagine life without mobile Internet access, and that was only introduced about six or seven years ago for most of us. Imagine what the future holds for personal, Web-connected technology on the go? What about for media, politics, science, exploration, and recreation? Transit, health care, agriculture, and criminal justice are also all likely to be extensively overhauled thanks in part to the flourishing of IT in the coming decades.

Once again, this only goes to show how virtually every vein of interest is represented by an array of professional options in the world of IT. If it’s a career path you’ve considered, there are IT related roles to play and demand for them is growing with every year.

Most societies are gearing up for continual upticks in unemployment and lack of labor demand thanks to the advent of computer technology. Indeed, the majority of career paths are in part obstructed by the inevitable existence of software and hardware capable of doing the work at a lower price. This is not the case with IT, however. More so, information technology is only going to become more prevalent in the decades to come – making it ever more possible for people to follow their passions – so long as they have the skills to do a little programming in the process.

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