Successful web design: 5 elements you need to incorporate

In today’s world, businesses that have a strong online presence reign supreme. The internet has given ordinary people with great ideas the power to reach out to all corners of the globe and connect with others – a game-changer for doing business. Getting your company online gives you the potential to expand your customer base exponentially, leading to huge profit gains. A web design company can help you venture into cyberspace with a professional business website.


If this is your first endeavour online, you’ve already got plenty of opposition. It’s estimated that nearly half of all small businesses have a website, so simply having one is no longer enough. To get the most traffic, consider these five key aspects of successful web design.


Visual Appeal

For many consumers, your business’ website is their introduction to your company – it’s where they’re going to form their critical first impression. A jumbled or overly basic design can turn off a potential customer for good, as visitors won’t stick around on a website that’s unappealing or difficult to navigate. Grab the attention of viewers by making good use of space, incorporating contrasting colours, and using attractive fonts and graphics. The arrangement of content on a web page is also very important. These days, businesses prefer web design that’s simple and modern.


Ease of Navigation

When users spend too much time trying to find information, frustration can kick in and they can go elsewhere to get what they need. Building a user-friendly website is crucial because consumers are fickle. That’s why every element that gets put onto a page should serve a purpose so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Browsing a page should be intuitive and flow naturally. Information should be organised under different headings with relevant sub-headings under each. Content should be available without excessive clicking or scrolling, and links should direct users to the appropriate pages without long loading times.


Mobile Compatibility

More and more people are using their smartphones for online shopping and general browsing because it’s just so convenient. To keep up with demand, web design in Melbourne and across the world has begun to implement specific coding so that the user-friendly experience of the desktop version of a website can be mirrored on mobile platforms.


Contact Information and Availability

Providing the very best customer care is key to building a solid customer base. That’s why it’s essential that customers can reach your company when they need assistance. Always include your company’s phone number, email address and storefront address somewhere on your website. The top or bottom of the main page is a preferable location, followed by a separate page reserved for contact information only. Many websites now feature a live chat option so that customers can get help without having to wait for someone to pick up the phone or answer their email.


Call to Action

Reserve a space to describe your business and its services and explain exactly why people should come to you for those services. The more convincing you are, the better. You can also visually display positive statistical figures and show off any customer reviews, awards and media recognition. When a consumer can trust your brand, you’ve got a loyal customer.

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