3 Factors that influence search engine rankings you did not know

The world of search engine optimization is much more complex than what many believe. Every single SEO India specialist out there is going to tell you that he needs to learn every single week, adapt and monitor the work that was done in order to be sure that the results were the ones that were initially envisioned.

The huge problem with search engine rankings is that there are various factors that will influence the outcome of campaigns that nobody really knows much about. This does include the SEO specialists. Some were identified and many were not. This lack of official knowledge is a reason why some business owners remain focused on Adwords Management Sydney instead of doing SEO work.

Whenever analyzing your search engine rankings, remember that the following factors will have a huge impact on results:


Website Loading Time

Believe it or not, although it is not 100% official, it was proven that website loading time does have a direct impact on the rankings of a website. This does make sense since nobody really wants to wait a long time in order to have a page load.

There are so many things that influence website loading time. Some of them are completely under your control. For instance, when you try to do design work alone instead of hiring an experienced web design Sydney professional, you might end up with many images that are not optimized and that simply take up too much space. This automatically lowers loading speed.

Factors that are not under your control are normally linked to the hosting package that you use or the development work that was done behind the scenes. You want to be sure that the server you have rented or the hosting package that you pay for is in-line with the work that was done by your web developer Sydney professional.


Domain Age

How many really old websites do you know? There is a pretty good possibility that there are many and you will normally see them rank pretty high. This is because domain age is a factor that is taken into account in rankings. It is pretty hard to rank higher for the same keyword as a site that is 10 years older than you. Obviously, there are some exceptions to the rule but you do want to be sure that you wait and that you let your domain age.


Time Spent On Website

The sites that you really love or the articles that you like do have something in common: the time that you spend looking at the content. WordPress development became really popular as it offers the possibility to keep the visitor hooked for a longer period of time. This is now seen as important by the search engines. Make sure that your content is highly valuable for the visitor.

On the whole, SEO is constantly changing but when you do look at your rankings, remember these simple factors we highlighted. They do make a difference in how high or how low you rank for the desired keywords.


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