30 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes

If you are a regular user of WordPress, I am sure you will agree that WordPress themes are always useful. In fact, if I say that WordPress themes are a great way of learning, it won’t be a wrong statement. You can learn about designing and coding, both from WordPress themes. Today, in this article, we have carefully selected some of the best HTML5 WordPress themes. These themes will be very helpful for you as a designer or even as a developer. These free HTML5 WordPress themes are not only visually appealing but they are very professional to look at as well. It takes a lot of time to search for nice WordPress themes and compiling a list wasn’t that easy however, we have managed to do it for you guys. Let us take a look at HTML5 themes with a lot of variety. Some themes are vibrant; some are simple, professional and very classic.

1. Accentbox Free WordPress Theme

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Accentbox is a free WordPress theme but that does not mean it will have any less features to offer in comparison to premium themes. This HTML5 theme is designed fully responsively so it will give your blog a great look. It has some great features to offer for instance, fluid responsive layout, unlimited color schemes, flexible layouts, options panel, custom widgets and a lot more. This one is a must.

2. Free HTML5 Grey WordPress Theme


If you are looking for an elegant theme, Grey is the one for you. The design is totally out of the box yet generic enough to be used for all sorts of blogs. This good looking WordPress theme has a lot of great features to offer. You can enjoy features like built-in Twitter and Flicker Stream, widgets ready, author box and it is also SEO oriented. The list does not end here and you can find a lot of great features.

3. Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

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Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

This is a perfect starter theme for any WordPress developer whose work is not limited to blog building. Some of the awesome features of this theme are full HTML5 markup, managed menus, dashboard widgets, post formats and a lot more. Check details to learn more about it.

4. Temple Gate:  HTML5 WordPress Theme

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Temple Gate An Accessible HTML5 WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, design is an inspiration from Japanese template gate. This is again a free HTML5 WordPress theme with features like multilingual translation, sticky post, banner section and a lot more.

5. Free HTML5 Minimal WordPress Theme

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HTML5 Minimal WordPress Theme

This theme is absolutely perfect for any kind of blog or portfolio related sites. As the name suggests, the design follows minimalistic theme however, the whole look is very elegant. This too has a lot of features to offer so why not download it and see for yourself.

6. HTML5 WordPress Shell

Demo | Download )

HTML5 WordPress Shell

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is responsive with dynamic sidebar examples and custom template examples, this one is for you. It has HTML5 reset stylesheet, iPhone detection, clearly commented code a lot more.

7. Twenty Five WP

Demo | Download )

Twenty Five

This is an upgrade for the TwnetyTen and using it is absolutely easy. You can install it in 3 simple steps and one of its highlighted features is that it allows you to print HTML5 with Meta information.

8. Free Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo | Download )

Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Well this one if one of my favorites because it offers you four different page templates so you have a lot of options. Apart from this, it has a specifically designed index.php page for showcasing your blog, searches and of course archives.

9. Blogolife WordPress Theme

Demo | Download )


Want to enjoy post formats? Download blogolife and start enjoy post formats as this one will offer you a wide range of post formats.

10. Clean FreeDream

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This theme is pretty much simple and clean and utilizes both CSS3 and HTML5 properties. This works fine with the updated versions of Firefox, chrome and IE 6, 7 and 8.

11. Pinboard – Free Responsive WordPress Theme

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This is a free responsive WordPress theme with a slider. The best thing about this theme is its responsive layout. Also, it focuses a lot on highlighting your blog’s content. Also, it has a lot of ways to help you in displaying your sections elegantly.

12. HTML5 Reset

Demo )

HTML5 Reset

HTML5 reset theme is definitely a style-free theme specifically designed to help get your custom WordPress project off the ground. Yes, it too has some great features to offer so watch out for this one.

13. Adapt – Business WordPress Theme

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Again, this is one of those themes that have a simple yet elegant design, which is fully responsive. Setting it up is not at all a hassle as well. Adding your own content is way too easy so you are bound to fall in love with this.

14. The Travel Theme

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The Travel Theme

If your blog has anything to do with traveling, this theme is perfect for you. Now this does not mean that rest of the bloggers cannot use it. It is very good for posting images and videos.

15. Groovy – Free Responsive Blog Theme

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The layout of Groovy is just like a magazine layout and if you are looking for an elegant, simple yet attractive magazine WordPress theme, this one of perfect for you.

16. Euclides

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If you write tutorials online, you should definitely check out this theme. It will offer you color variations, cross-browser compatibility, custom menus and a lot more.

17. Roots Theme

Demo )

Roots Theme

This is again a WordPress starter theme however it is based on HTML5 boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter. It is a great theme with some great features that every blogger should benefit from it.

18. Gridiculous – Free HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme

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It comes with a responsive layout which makes it look good on almost any screen. Since the design is neat, clean and simple, it highlights the content properly. It also allows you customization and a lot of other great features.

19. Free Html5 Spectacular WordPress Theme

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This theme comes into two flavors and two languages i.e., HTM 4.01, HTML5 and German, English respectively. You can download this theme for free and enjoy cross-browser support and a lot of other interesting features.

20. SimpleCorp – Free HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme

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SimpleCorp, as name suggests is a simple yet elegant website perfect for corporate layouts. This theme is specifically optimized for a proper display on iPhone and iPad. You will be able to edit theme, select color of your own choice and do a lot more.

21. Silesia

Demo | Download )


In Silesia, you get around 15 color options, 20+ theme options, abililty to localize, slide navigation bar and a lot more. This is one of the elegant themes perfect for people who love simplicity.

22. Clean Business WordPress Theme

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Clean Business

Again, one of those themes that is perfect for corporate usage. You get an outstanding homepage slide with this theme and transitions in this theme are awesome.

23. White Board

White Board

it definitely help developers in cutting back on their development time. This theme is Multi-lingual compatible, Lightweight and well-noted code, has Strong Search Engine Optimization and a lot more. Anyone developer should check this one out for sure.

24. JournalCrunch Premium Theme

Demo | Download )


You will have to sign up in order to download this theme however, once downloaded you will have a perfect free premium WordPress theme.

25. Bones

Demo | Download )Bones

Bones is definitely a WordPress theme for developers and do not confuse it with a Framework as it is not. It is a responsive theme and comes with LESS/Sass. You also get to have custom post types and all this is absolutely free.

26. Busby Theme

Demo | Download )

Busby Theme

This theme is perfect for those who have a personal blog. It has some exciting features such as 2 column personal blog theme, theme options panel, RSS Subscriber to offer to its users. The feature list does not end here and you can check details by visiting the link.

27. Auto Focus Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo | Download )

Auto Focus

This theme is designed specifically for photographers and by keeping their requirements in mind. If you are a photographer, this WordPress theme will help you in having an effective web presence with no hassle.

28. Kansas

Demo | Download )


Kansas has a very subtle design and I would recommend it any blogger. You will get to enjoy some great features like custom menu, custom backgrounds and a lot more.

29. Halifax

Demo | Download )


This has a responsive layout however, it is a WordPress theme. You will get to have the recent and updated features of WordPress with this theme.  You will also love the masonry layout on the homepage.

30. SimplenBright

Demo | Download )


This is a vibrant, colorful WordPress theme which is extremely good looking. Setting it up is not at all a difficult thing and you get to enjoy some great features.


We have brought a collection of some great WordPress themes under one umbrella for you guys. Since all these themes are free, you can use them and make your website stand out in the crowd. I am sure there are a lot of other great WordPress themes as well so if I have missed out on any, please feel free to share.

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