Parking Start-up Helps Buildings Rent Out Vacant Parking Spaces

There’s nothing like reaching into your coat pocket and finding a $5 bill (or more) that you didn’t know you had. Imagine if you could find money like thatevery month? All you have to do is treat the building you manage or ownas the coat, WhereiPark as the helping hand, and the empty parking spots as the newly found revenue.




What is WhereiPark?

WhereiPark is an online marketplace dedicated exclusivelyto monthly parking. This website helps both companies and commuters alike on their quest to find affordable monthly parking. If you’re a real estate owner, WhereiPark is a great way to convert vacant parking spots into another revenue stream.

WhereiPark is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and other cities across North America.


How can WhereiPark help those looking for a monthly parking spot?

Whether you do a quick Internet search or go directly to, you’ll be met with an easy-to-use search on the main page of thesite. After typing in your address, intersection or neighbourhood, the map will populate with monthly parking options that are all clickable. The address will appear onscreen and when you click on “view details,” you’ll get access toother information too, suchas a street-view image, pricing, information about the space, the cancellation policy, amenities and more.

Once you choose your ideal space, you can reserve it directly on the website. All you have to do is sign up or sign into your account, then select your desired start dateThe payment information you enter is kept secure, and your car’s licence plate, make and modelare all sent to the lot owner or manager.


How does WhereiPark help those who own or manage parking spots?

As the parking lot manager, you don’t have much work to do once you’ve signed up with WhereiPark. In addition to hosting your parking spaces online, WhereiPark takes care of all the administrative work, including processing payments and managing security deposits. There’s also a customer support team ready and willing to help at a moment’s notice.

WhereiPark can help create efficiency for your organization thanksto their straightforward platform. This platform is focused on managing parking transactions and interactions.

To get your spaces listed, start by filling out this form with all the necessary information. Note that listings are created for buildings with a minimum of five monthly parking spots to rent.


Is there an upfront cost involved?

It’s free and risk-free to list your parking spaces;WhereiPark only charges a fee if they’re successful in renting out a spot. They get paid when you get paid!

For corporate partners, WhereiPark has a solution that integrates with existing payment and tenant management systems.


List your parking spots today to [insert powerful verb here]your new cash flow. It’s as easy as calling WhereiPark’s Canadian or USA phone number, following them on Facebookor Twitter,or emailing [email protected].

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