23 Fresh CSS, JavaScript and HTML Tools of 2012

Developer and designer almost always have a tight schedule and deadlines, thus making their work really hectic. Most of the time they have to work under tremendous pressure, so they really appreciate some good tools that can make their work a little easier and a little less time consuming.

In order to help all our developer and designer friends out there, we will be looking at some really cool 20 + Fresh CSS, JavaScript and HTML Tools of 2012. These tools will definitely help them save time and also a lot of hassle. All the tools included in this list are fresh, advanced, efficient and user-friendly. So check this list out and pick the tools that you think can be useful to you. We hope you would like this collection and find it helpful.

The list of 20 + Fresh CSS, JavaScript and HTML Tools of 2012 is as following:

Colllor – Color Palette Generator


It allows creating a coherent web color palette to ensure a consistent look in your design. It offers alternative proposals which are derived from the same color, having a common denominator with similar hue, lightness or saturation values.

cssUpdater – Live Sync CSS Changes


This one is an extremely handy and a must have tool for all the designers out there as it has the ability of syncing any CSS alterations made with FireBug with actual local/online CSS files.  This would keep your layout preserved when you reload your website. It definitely makes things quite easy for designers.

CSSComb – Sort CSS Properties in a Specific Order


This awesome tool has the ability of sorting the CSS properties from your stylesheet. You can sort them in a certain order from settings.

CSS load.net – Loading CSS Spinners and Bars Generator

css load.net

CSS load.net allows you to generate some really cool loading CSS spinners and bars for AJAX & JQuery.  It is really simple to use – just choose a css animation template of your choice, select colors, preloader size and animation speed, and it will create for you an impressive loading CSS spinners or Bar according to your choice.

Ribbon Builder/Generator

Ribbon Builder-Generator

As the name suggests, this tool allows creating ribbons. You can choose the ribbon width, message, size of the font and effects such as shadow and stitching according you your requirements.



Using this tool designing and experimenting with web fonts and content can be made possible, and that too in your browser. It allows trying out various fonts and comparing different combinations.

Fontello – Easy Iconic Fonts Composer


It allows combining iconic web fonts for. Using this tool minimizing font sizes and merging symbols from various fonts into one file is possible. You have the option to select from four icon fonts: Entypo, Font Awesome, Iconic and Brandico.

Stitches – An HTML5 Sprite Sheet Generator


It is a hassle-free HTML5 sprite sheet generator. Just work by dragging and dropping photo files on this tool, and then click the ‘Generate,’ and voila, your sprite and stylesheet are ready!

CSS3Gen – Generate Useful Snippets of CSS3


As the name suggests, this tool allows generating snippets of CSS3 and then copying them directly into a projects. It boasts tools that can generate border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow and gradients.

Stylie – A Graphical CSS Animation Tool


It is an amazing tool that allows graphically generating CSS3 transform animations easily and quickly.

Css2Less – CSS to LessCSS converter


It has the ability of converting your old CSS files to latest LESS files. All you have to do is to copy/paste!



If you want to create backgrounds for websites or desktops, then you would find ZenBG really useful. This cool tool has a plethora of different textures, such as wood, rust, paper and concrete etc. you can combine these with linear-gradients or colors for creating a large number of interesting themes.

CSS FilterLab

CSS FilterLab

It provides a really nice way of exploring CSS Filters and CSS Custom Filters. Simply click on the ‘Add Filter’ button and begin exploring all the available filters which can be applied on the sample content. It has got many different types of filter and options.

HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please acts as your buddy/assistant and recommends you polyfills and implementation. It simply helps you in deciding whether to use each of the HTML5 features or not; and if yes, then how.

HTML5 Template Generator

HTML5 Template Generator

This tool is exactly what its name hints: a HTML5 Template Generator. The good thing about this generator tool is that it is really easy to use.

JavaScript Console – Debugging JavaScript Tool

JavaScript Console

It lets you debug JavaScript and remote debug mobile web apps.  Simple, yet very useful!

SnipSave – Save Code Snippets Online


It allows saving snippets of code online so you can use them in future whenever you want. It boasts a very user-friendly interface which allows creating, editing and deleting code snippets within seconds.

SpritePad – Create and Edit CSS Sprites


This cool tool allows creating CSS sprites quickly and easily. All you are required to do is dragging and dropping your pictures and get them instantly as a PNG sprite with the CSS code too.

On/Off Flipswitch HTML5/CSS3 Generator

On-Off Flipswitch HTML5-CSS3 Generator

This handy tool would let you create pure CSS3 on/off flipswitches easily. It even offers optional animated transitions.

Bootstrap Generator – Twitter Bootstrap Generator

Bootstrap Generator

It will help you get started with your Twitter Bootstrap project. All you have to do is to change the options according to your requirements and then click the “Generate” button in order to get a compiled Bootstrap CSS file.

Minify and GZip Compress JavaScript & CSS

Minify and GZip Compress JavaScript & CSS

This one is a fabulous tool for minifying and Gzip-ing compress CSS and JavaScript quickly and in a hassle-free way.

Adobe Edge Free Web Fonts

Adobe Edge Free Web Fonts

It boasts a huge collection of free web fonts from the Adobe library and a plethora of open source fonts. It makes finding good fonts extremely easy.

Form Builder/Generator

Form Builder-Generator

This is a great tool that lets you create forms. It offers various customization options to allow you to create a form of your choice and requirement.

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  1. Joe says:

    Adobe Webfonts doesn’t work on chrome browser. I’ve tested it. Infact of all webfont I’ve tested like cufonfonts,fontsquirell,fontface,google webfonts, Adobe Webfonts is the only one that is not Cross-browser compatible.

  2. Negociante says:

    Thanks, very interesting list, I bookmarked like 5. I was wondering if you know a tool to clean your css files. For example a tool that compares your css files with the it is being used to find which classes are not being used, like a cleaner. It used to be a good plugin for Firefox named CSS Dumbster or something like that, but I haven’t heard of it anymore, do you know of someone for Chrome? Thanks!