25 Brand New Easy CS6 Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is one of the most loved, popular and used photo editing software available in the market. Only with few clicks you can transform an ordinary image into a very interesting and eye-catching masterpiece. Photoshop lets you do wonders with your images. It boasts a plethora of features which can be used for spicing up and adding life to a dull photo. Even if the original photo has some flaws, Photoshop will let you make it perfect.

A lot of different Photoshop tutorials are present out there, which can make the lives of designers as well as amateur Photoshop users a lot easier by providing them the solutions to many problems. Even the people who are not very used to Photoshop can achieve great results through these tutorials. Good Photoshop tutorials are a very good and easy way of learning new tricks and techniques, and ultimately gaining experience. They help you edit like professionals. We will also be presenting some step by step tutorials which will help you learn the techniques easily and quickly. So check out these tutorials as they are definitely worth a look. These will teach you some good stuff and prove to be very helpful. We hope you would like the collection.

Here are the mixer of CS6, CS5 New Easy Photoshop Tutorials that you can learn.

Easy Furry Text In Photoshop

3-Easy Furry Text In Photoshop

Metal Car Logo Effect In Photoshop

4-Metal Car Logo Effect

The Dark Knight Rises Stencil Effect In Photoshop

5-The Dark Knight Rises Stencil Effect

Create a Adam and Eve scene

6-Create a Adam and Eve scene



Lomo Effect In Photoshop

Lomo Effect In Photoshop

Abstract Photo Manipulation In Photoshop CS 6

2-Abstract Photo Manipulation

How To Make Money With Photoshop

8-How To Make Money With Photoshop

Adding Text Behind A Scene In Photoshop

9-Adding Text Behind A Scene In Photoshop

Color Pencil Sketch In Photoshop

10-Color Pencil Sketch In Photoshop

Selective Sepia Effect

11-Selective Sepia Effect

Create Your Own Judge Dredd Badge Design

12-Dredd Badge Design

Learn How to Blur Part of an Image in Photoshop CS6


How to Convert Your Photo into a Watercolor Painting

14-Watercolor Painting



Colorful Autumn-Inspired Text Effect

16-Colorful Autumn-Inspired Text Effect

Man Of Steel Movie Poster Tutorial

17-Man Of Steel Movie Poster Tutorial

Learn How to Create a Print Ready Business Card in Photoshop

18-Print Ready Business Card in Photoshop

Chrome 3D Text Using Image Based Lights

19-Chrome 3D Text

Make Glass Effect

20-Make Glass Effect

How to Paint Clothes and Hair Using Blending Techniques

21-Paint Clothes and Hair Using Blending Techniques

Shopping Bag Mockup

22-Shopping Bag

How To Make A Photo-realistic Metallic Logo In Photoshop

23-Metallic Logo

Holographic Effect Tutorial

24-Holographic Effect Tutorial

Gradient Maps In Photoshop

RAIL Branson 1

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