5 Tips to Make Your Employees More Productive

Every employer would like their employees to be more productive. While many people still work a standard nine to five, studies show that they are only really productive for three hours a day. That’s hundreds of unproductive hours each year that are wasted. While it’s impossible for people to be productive every minute they are at work, there are ways to boost productivity without leaving people feeling burned out, so here are some things that could help your team.


  1. Encourage people to take their breaks

In some work places, people see skipping their breaks and eating at their desk to be a sign of how dedicated they are, but the truth is,taking breaks can make you more productive. People who take some time away from their desk replenish their energy and are more focused on their return, helping them avoid burn-out and stress. Try to create an environment where people are encouraged to take their breaks, especially lunch, and you may find a more contented workplace.


  1. Look at different ways of working

People aren’t necessarily going to be working harder if they’re stuck at their desks all day. In some cases, they can get more done if you allow them to work from home, or give them flexibility in their hours, so early risers and night owls can work during the hours they are more awake. Everyone has a different work style, so try to offer some flexibility.


  1. Ensure everyone knows what they’re doing

One thing that can slow down productivity can be if people don’t know what they need to do next or are struggling to see the big picture. Good project management is important, so you can manage people’s time effectively and ensure employees aren’t going between boredom and stress. Find a Gantt chart maker from the Digital Project Manager and people will be able to see where their role fits into projects, as well as what’s coming next, so they can plan their time better.


  1. Create a comfortable workplace environment

From uncomfortable seating to an office that’s too hot, there are lots of things that can slow down productivity. Studies have shown that a cold office can reduce productivity, while people will often be distracted if their office is cluttered, messy, or just unpleasant. You spend most of your waking life in an office, so why not make it a comfortable place to work? Even a lick of paint and some new chairs can make a big difference.


  1. Praise employees and offer incentives

Many employers will be quick to point out mistakes with an employee’s work, but slow to give them praise when they are doing well. This leads to people losing confidence in their work, so it can make them less productive. Compliments cost nothing and keep people motivated, and you should also consider offering small incentives such as rewards or bonuses when certain targets are reached. You could even bring out your employee’s competitive side by turning targets into contests, which makes work fun.

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