How To Make Sure Your Business Premises Are Clean And Tidy

The first impression customers get of your business is often based on the cleanliness and tidiness of your premises. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your business always looks its best by keeping on top of cleaning. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.


Hire Pros

It’s often smarter to let someone experienced and skilled do the work for you. Lots of business owners hire commercial cleaning operations in order to make sure that their premises remain in top condition. This makes hiring pros a great choice for maintaining an orderly and safe environment. Not only do hiring professionals have the expertise to clean quickly and efficiently, but they also can bring the necessary equipment and supplies to take on any cleaning job.


Hiring a pro is especially beneficial if you don’t have the time or resources to tackle a large cleaning project. Not all companies are the same, so hiring an experienced professional can help you tailor your cleaning services to perfectly suit your business needs.


Have A Cleaning Schedule

You should create a thorough cleaning schedule to ensure your business premises stay clean and tidy. This will help your team work more efficiently and create a great first impression for customers when they visit.

Your cleaning schedule should include regular tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down surfaces. It should also encompass deeper cleaning tasks like polishing hardwood floors or sanitizing bathrooms. You should also make sure you set aside enough time in between each task.

In addition, having a well-defined cleaning schedule can help you keep track of any necessary maintenance or repairs that need to be done on the premises. This could be anything from making sure lightbulbs are replaced regularly, to having carpets professionally cleaned once a month.


Apply Hygiene Rules

Hygiene is something everyone in the office should respect. Here are the rules you should add:

  • Clean up after
  • Washing hands
  • Using hand sanitizer
  • No eating in the office
  • No smoking indoors
  • Keep surfaces clean

This will ensure nobody is spreading germs and creating an unhealthy atmosphere. Make sure to set consequences for anyone who breaks the hygiene rules.


Create A Waste Management System

Making sure your workspace is waste-free at all times is essential in creating a hygienic and healthy environment. Creating a waste management system that follows the legislated regulations and your business policies will guarantee you are disposing of all items appropriately, without creating any further environmental damage.

Create a system that will comply with local waste management regulations and keep your premises clean. Have designated areas for waste collection, recycling, and composting, as well as a plan on how these will be managed. Plan a regular schedule of when these tasks should be done and who is responsible for carrying out these duties.


Disinfect High-traffic Areas

Make sure always to disinfect high-traffic areas in your business premises. These can include doorknobs, light switches, countertops, tables, and chairs. This is the best way to make sure bacteria, viruses, and other germs have no chance of living in these places

The disinfectant you use should be one that has a virucidal label on it. This means it kills many varieties of viruses. You’ll also want to check the disinfectant has been tested against coronaviruses. When used properly as directed by the label, these disinfectants will help protect people from infection.


Minimize Clutter

Clutter can lower productivity by a lot because nobody likes to work in a cluttered environment. It can also cause stress, confusion, and chaos in the workplace. That is why minimizing this issue should be a priority when it comes to keeping your business premises clean and tidy

Make sure there’s storage for everything and encourage your employees to put away items when they’re not in use. Keep only what is necessary and store the rest in a designated area like cabinets or boxes. Also, make sure you regularly check for items that are no longer needed and discard them.


Repair Damages ASAP

The moment you realize something has been damaged, it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. Not only does this keep your business premises clean and tidy, but repairing damages quickly also shows professionalism to customers or visitors.

Keep repair services on speed dial and make sure they’re located close to your business so you can have the damages repaired as fast as possible. You should also keep supplies like extra paint, nails, and screws around in case small repairs are needed immediately.


A clean office is a productive and reputable one so make sure to hire pros who will keep it that way and have a schedule that will keep everything tidy. Apply strict hygiene rules and create a waste management system everyone needs to uphold. Disinfect all high-traffic areas and make sure there’s no clutter to be found. Finally, repair all the damages as soon as they appear in the workspace!

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