20 best one page wordpress theme in 2013

One page wordpress themes are great either as portfolio or product websites. They help to focus the message and and drive more sales or product conversions. Most of the current landing page wp themes are responsive in nature, meaning they will display well whether on a PC or on mobile devices.  Some of these themes also have parallax scrolling effects thus allows readers to experience a 3D effect as the background scroll slower than the foreground.

Below are 20 of the best 2013 responsive one page wordpress themes.


Awesome – Responsive business one page wordpress theme

responsive one page wordpress theme

Awesome is a super clean and well organised one page wordpress theme for business or digital agencies. Perfect for those who want to create a good looking corporate website.


K – Retina ready one page wp theme

responsive one page wordpress themes

K is a powerful one page theme that includes all the goodies you need to create an authoritative and nice looking business website. This theme is also retina ready, meaning that it looks great on the iPad. Created in June 2013 and already making good sales. Try this out!


Pages – A unique single landing page wordpress theme

retina ready one page wordpress theme

Spotting a different look to the traditional one page wp theme. Rather than a vertical focus theme, the Pages theme create an almost magazine like one page wordpress theme with plenty of spaces to display large images.


Chamfer –  Cool single landing page wp theme

unique one page wordpress theme

I have never seen such a unique one page wp theme design. No wonder it is getting good reviews and great sales despite being only developed in May 2013.


Dry – Portfolio one page wordpress theme

portfolio one page wordpress theme

The theme might be called dry but the design and layout is nothing but elegance. The big typography and the color choice make dry a great theme for creating a straight forward beautiful portfolio and even agency sites.


Milliennium wordpress theme

millienium one page wordpress theme

Millennium is a nice looking one page wp theme with a powerful call for action button. Works well as a business or product or even personal blogging site.


Reversal – a side to side scrolling wp one page theme

reversal one page wordpress theme

Reversal is a clean and minimal wordpress theme with a rather cool, side to side scrolling effect.  Best of all, it has been optimized to be fast loading so that your website can be really fast.


Selfless – A powerful one page wordpress theme

selfless one page wordpress theme

A popular and powerful one page wordpress theme for 2013. Perfect for a photography or portfolio site. Comes with advanced jquery features for a smooth background transition and image slider.


Singlet – A portfolio one page theme

singlet one page wordpress theme

A very nice and clean layout for agencies or portfolio website. Despite being one page, there is lots of room to showcase your work.


Proxy – A lightweight and widgetised single page theme

proxy one page wordpress theme

The attraction for proxy theme is its highly widgetised page which allows you to easily slice and dice the layout to suit the kind of look that you want to achieve.  The framework is also very light weight so it wouldn’t slow your down your site.


Hybrid –  fast loading single page wordpress theme

hybrid one page wordpress theme

You want a fast loading site? Then Hybrid is your choice. Comes with the Hybrid images mechanism which helps to speed up the image loading at your website. This mechanism is currently used by Google images so you know it is a good technology to use.


Xiara –  A one page wordpress theme with parallax scrolling

xiara one page wordpress theme

The Xiara themes cones with parallax scrolling effects that I talked about at the beginning of the article. Nice for those who want their single landing page to have a 3D effect.  Developed in June 2013 and already selling well. Give this a try.


MicroPage – A magazine like one page theme

micropage one page wordpress theme

MicroPage comes with a powerful page builder that lets you customise the look of your site.  It is also retina ready and loads pretty fast.


Ebookie – A single landing page wordpress theme with a blog

one page wordpress theme for selling ebooks

This is one of the few single page wordpress theme that has a blog attached to the template.  It also focus on selling ebooks so it is perfect for people who are authors.


Page Presentation – Perfect single landing page wordpress theme

best single landing page wordpress theme

Created with the goal of becoming a powerful business selling tool, page presentation is a great theme for selling your products online. Its single landing page design is elegant and straight forward, enabling you to convey your value proposition quickly and easily.


Red Sky – A multi purpose one page wordpress theme

multi purpose single landing page wordpress theme

Red Sky is a good looking multi purpose theme. Comes with parallax scrolling as well as a powerful image slider, it is easy to customise and looks great on any screens.


Panels – A powerful ajax landing page wp theme

single landing page wordpress themes

Panels wordpress theme has a nice feature that is different from most one page wordpress theme.  Each panel on the page can be access via the wordpress panel and uses ajax to pull in the information to fill the panel. Very nice implementation.


 Kula – HTML5 landing page wordpress theme

html5 landing page wordpress themes

KULA has look gorgeous with its beautiful typography and iconography. It is a responsive single page wordpress theme so it will look great across any devices.


MyCountDown – Coming soon landing page wordpress theme

coming soon landing page wordpress themes

If you need to have a site that says coming soon, mycountdown is the perfect theme for you. It has a beautiful count down design that shows your readers the number of days to the launch of your product. Want a gorgeous coming soon page? Try this theme.


Bravo – A multi purpose landing page wp theme

bravo landing page wordpress themes

Bravo supports both multi and single page websites, thus giving you multi functionality within a single wordpress theme. It also features parallax scrolling effects that other featured themes have as well.

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  1. Krishna says:

    Some of the nice instant themes you have shown here, personally, I have used myCountDown and Kula. Both are just awesome. Will try out others also!