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I tend to surf a lot during the weekend to look out for interesting new tool or software to try. Sometimes, these tools might not form any board themes to substain a new article but they are nevertheless very interesting. So, I have come up with a new article format called “cool tools roundup”. It is a listing of some of the more interesting tools that I saw during the weekend which you might find useful. There is no rhythm or rhyme to my choices except that they will all be fairly useful and innovative. So to kickstart this new series, here is the first article for this week.


#1: Dploy

cool tools roundup 1 is a much needed service. It deploys your code into any depositories of your choice, be it Github, Bitbucket or any other FTP with just one click of a button. It is an awesome idea and one that I encourage everyone to try out.


#2: Recordit

cool tools roundup 2

For those who want a super quick way to record your screncast, this service is for you.  It is 100% web based and it is very fast to work with. Perfect if you want to record your Q & A, promotional video or any other type of screen based video.


#3: Randomuser

cool tools roundup 3

This is a nice little photoshop extension that does one thing: it inserts random user into your demo account so that everything looks great. It is a not a complex tool but it is very useful.


#4: Font Flipper

cool tools roundup 4

Want to know the fonts installed on your computer, this little web service will do just that with no fuss. It is a neat little web app that does one thing well.


#5: Hemingway App

cool tools roundup 5

Hemingway App is a nice tool that helps you to improve your writing through the little help that the App gives you. All the highlighted words are color coded to let you know what to improve for each for these words. Very nice app if you want to improve your writing online.


#6: Dug.js

cool tools roundup 6

This will become one of your favourite tool, I swear it! What it does is to convert JSONP to HTML with only a script. It is incredibly productive and works amazing well. Give it a try.

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  1. Pratik says:

    Great post! One mistake – the service is called (without e). Cheers!