5 Essential factors to bear in mind before choosing a web host

Like any others, you want to land a web hosting company that is both cost-effective and reliable. What you probably do not know is that finding a host that comes with the right balance between cost and specifications can be quite daunting.  But as long as you are aware of the features you are looking for, there is no doubt that you can come up with a better strategy.

By essence, a web hosting service makes your website accessible via the World Wide Web. It is where the owner (web host) leases you some space (server) in order to run your site. Considering the number of providers out there, it is safe to assume that the process can be confusing.

Here are some important factors that you need to keep in mind before hiring a provider.


#1. Reviews

Reviews play an important role in giving you concrete knowledge about a company and its products or services. Even more so, it allows you to determine if this is the company apt for the job. Let’s say you are torn between web host provider A and web host provider B. For you, the two seems to have the much-needed reliability and cost-effectiveness. Your best course of action here is to read reviews about them, so you can tell how much of a difference they are from one another.

For instance, by reading reviews on cheap web hosting, you find what people are saying about provider A and its rates. Of course, reviews are not only meant to detail the rates and/or prices of these providers. They can also inform you about the faults in their services. You might be surprised to find out that a web host is unable to deliver guaranteed uptime despite having affordable rates.


#2. The Nature of Your Site

Before you even put your plan into action, you need to determine first the nature of your website. Will you be accommodating a huge amount of traffic? Or are you just planning to start small, especially since you are still trying to grow your community? By doing so, you can tell if your chosen web host has what it takes to provide you with a set of services aimed at matching your site’s requirements.

Let’s say you want to create a social media website. Obviously, you would need factors such as latency, network, and performance to appear. Plus, the provider must be able to help you carry on a variety of tasks and front-end delivery activities. Remember that these requirements could change from time to time, though they mostly depend on the nature of a website.

#3. Shared Vs. Dedicated Hosting

This is definitely another huge factor to bear in mind, especially since it significantly helps in choosing the right web hosting provider. You simply need to determine whether you need a shared or dedicated server. It holds true that shared web hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting, but it does not necessarily make the former better than the latter.

Remember that in shared hosting, you will be sharing the server with other websites (and there could be numerous of them). So what does this tell you exactly? It is possible for your site to experience downtime sporadically, compromising your site’s overall performance. And this can happen due to heavily loaded servers, something that is very common in shared hosting. Unless you are okay with this, then you should move forward with a dedicated server.


#4. The Different Cost Involved

Putting up a website is not easy in terms of budget and/or financial resources. And you are expected to spend a bit. The first one, however, will be the cost involving your web hosting service. Other costs would cover the likes of renewal expenses and the addition of features. Sure, a provider can charge you less upon setting up your website, but the cost could soar high the moment you renew the service.

Before you finalize everything, make sure to read the company’s terms and conditions. That way, you will know exactly how things would go the moment you read the renewal phase. Also, reading this will give you an idea of whether or not you have the financial resources to keep up with the service.


#5. User-Friendliness

We can talk all day about the uptime, performance, and speed, among many others, of a web hosting provider. But if the services a company provides do not have the much-needed user-friendliness, then things can go downhill in an instant. This part right here is referring to the control panel, which will be your go-to area as soon as you set up your website.

Mind you, a lot of web hosting providers out there offer control panels that are too complicated to use or operate. Not only will you be spending hours after hours trying to deploy a feature, but you will also be in scrutinizing pain. Before you finally settle on a web host service, try to ask for a trial session to gauge how intuitive the control panel of a provider is.

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