15 Free E-Books Every Developer Should Have

Internet has become a source of knowledge for everyone these days. If you want to learn anything, you can easily find information about it on the internet even if its something basic. There are hundreds of thousands of guides and tutorials on the internet which can be used to learn different subjects, techniques related to studies or work.

Developers always need to find resources to get knowledge about different things like HTML, Coding etc. To help those developers, we have gathered a list of some excellent free Ebooks which be useful to learn new things.

1. HTML5 Quick Learning Guide



If you want to learn HTML5, this ebook will help you laern all the basic elements of HTML5 that can help you to work with HTML5.

2. Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML


With this ebook, you can easily create standards based web pages using HTML and CSS

3. Best Practices for Developing a Web Site


This is an excellent E-book which will guide you through the process  of creating a website and plan your project, whether you’re developing a site in-house or outsourcing the project.

4. HTML Wtf?


The book gives a brief overview of the changes introduced by HTML5, how does it look like?



A simple and comprehensive guide to learn HTML and XHTML.

6. Javascript Programming for The Absolute Beginner


New to Javascript? Don’t worry, this book will help you learn javascript even if you don’t know anything about javascript.

7. Dive into Accessibility


This E-book answers some simple question which every web developer think about when launching a website. And those are: Why should I Make the website more accessible and how can I make it more accessible.

8. Getting Real



This E-books tackles few problems which should be taken care of when building a website.

9. Web Design in a Nutshell


The e-book contains all the information about coding and web designing, CSS and XHTML.

10. Foundations of Ajax


Foundations of Ajax is written to give developers all the tools needed to add Ajax techniques to existing or future applications.

11. Up to Speed on HTML5 and CSS 3


A presentation to Refresh DC about the emerging HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards, namely about aspects that are beginning to become applicable to web design and development.

12. Learning PHP 5


PHP 5 boasts advanced features–such as new object-oriented capabilities and support for XML and Web Services–that will please even the most experienced web professionals while still remaining user-friendly enough for those with less experience in PHP 5 coding.

13. 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and The Web



This book contains everything you want to know about the web, cookies, history and much more.

14. Web Style Guide: 3rd Edition


This book will tell you how you can make your website more accessible and usable by everyone.

15. Essential Javascript and JQuery Design Patterns

essential javascript

With this E-book, you can learn on how to use Javascript and jQuery design patterns.

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    Am I missing something?? Most of these are just Google previews of actual books. Great list, but the title is very deceiving.

    Please let me know if there are actual free files of these books available.