13 Great Hidden Google Tips You Can Do

More than 300 Million people use Google in one day and Apple logs more 2 Billion searches each day. Almost everybody in the world knows how to use Google but not many of them know about the other things you can do with it. Ther are many such things that you many not know of that Google does. You can find out about currencies,weather,time,flight schedules,restaurants and many such things just by using Google. You don’t need to open any other website that is specifically dedicated to any such subject. Google can do it all. Just write in whatever you want to find out about and let Google do the rest for you.

I am going to be writing below some popular and some not so popular things you can do with Google :

1. Getting Definitions

Not many people know that you can find out the definition or meaning of a word just by writing ” define (any word)” and Google presents a definition of the term right there for you .

2.Make Search Results Narrower

To make your search results narrower, just put quotation mark before and after the word. This will narrow down your search and come up with more specific results regarding your search term.


You can calculate with Google. Just write down the digits and whatever you want with it,be it minus,plus,mulitply,divide or anything for that matter. For Example, 200 – 34 + (99 * 56) – 30 = ?

4.Convert Currency

Most of the times,when buying or dealing stuff from abroad,importing things or buying on the internet we need to check the rate of the currency that the website or the dealer deals in. In which cases we have to check the local currency with the other one. So,to easily and immediately find out how much the conversion of the currency will be just write down the countries’ currency that you want to convert. For Example, 50 USD to PKR

5. Weather Information

If you want to know about the weather of any city or any country,you can just go to Google and write down the country or city’s name that you want to know the weather of and write “weather” along it.For Example “New York Weather

6. Covert Units

You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and mass among others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and Google will do the trick for you. For Example, “50 Inches to Cms

7. Search for a Specific File Type

If you want to search for a specific file type then just add “filetype:(file type)”. For Example, University of Cambridge filetype:pdf


8. Find Out Differen’t Countries’ Time

To find out about the time of a country or a city or even a state we can just write “time” and the country or city’s name ahead of it. For Example, “Time Paris

9.Stay Updated with Airline Flight Schedules

Now you don’t need to surf an airline’s website and then go through the whole list of flights going in and out of the city or country. To check the schedule of a flight, just write the flight and airline number and then Google’s will show you the schedule. For Example, “American Airlines Flight 2332

10. Using Google Language Translator

To translate a knowledge that you might not know or understand,just copy the paragraph,sentence or the word that you don’t understand and just paste it in the Google Language Translator. It will then translate it to your desired language.

11. Finding out a Company’s Stocks

You can easily be up to date about the stocks of a company. You can find out about stock quote price, chart, and related links by typing the stock symbol in Google. For Example, Apple’s stock symbol is “AAPL

12. Local Search

You can search for the nearest cafes,restaurants,hotels just by entering the place’s name and Google will then show you the map for it and the address. For Example, “McDonalds, New York City

13. Find Movie Timings

Find out about the timings and schedules of Movies just typing “movies” and the zip code of the city you’re living in to find about the shows. For Example, “Movies 94705

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  1. Jas says:

    I already knew most of these, but for the two that I didn’t know, this article was totally worth it. Thank you!

  2. Maria Wendt says:

    I certainly am not intending to be a troll here, but I have to agree with Sithuraj. These tips are pretty basic and well-known to anyone who has uses google on a regular basis.

  3. I didn’t know Google had covert units.

  4. sithuraj says:

    This is very basic that every one does. Please come with more new ideas..

  5. Anneliz Hannan says:

    Terrific tips, I think I had only been using 3 of them. You’ve made my life and search easier. Thank you