9 free hexagon icon sets

If you want to create a hexagon web design, you will need some hexagon icons to make your job easier. Interestingly,  more designers are creating these free sets of hexagon icons in response to this growing trend. As a result, you might not need to make anything as some of these free icons can satisfied what you are looking for.

I have rounded up a bunch of cool looking hexagon icons that can be used for different purposes. The most popular are the social media icons but you will find other cool stuff here as well.


#1: Hexagon icon for android

free hexagon icon set 1

A beautiful set of hexagon icons for Android The crystal like surface design is a nice touch that differentiates this set from others which typically will use a single color tone.


#2: Hexagon icons from Dpnto

free hexagon icon set 8

A nice set of basic hexagon icons that can be used for general purposes such as contact, music, account etc. Useful and worth a download.


#3: Hexicons by Charles

free hexagon icon set 2

This set has a minimalist look that is well suited to site who wants such a design concept.  The icons themselves are also designed with brief dash lines to complete the minimal look.


#4: Harkable Hexagon tutorial + free download

free hexagon icon set 3

This is a tutorial on how to make a snow flake that is used in the hexagon widget above. I am not sure if the downloads actually contain this hexagon icon but I am putting it here for readers who want to download and test.


#5: Hexicons Rebound by Daisy

free hexagon icon set 4

This set is a rebound of #2 with different background and symbols. The overall look is still clean and minimal.


#6:  Hexagon icons for social media

free hexagon icon set 6

For those who want to use hexagon shape social media icons, these set is for you. It contains most of the popular social media services so you should be able to use most of them in your web site design.


#7: More hexagon social media icons

free hexagon icon set 7

This is the second set of free hexagon social media icons in case you didn’t like the design from the first set. After all, you can’t have too many social media icons 🙂


#8: Hexagon icons for media players

free hexagon icon set 9

Here is a useful set of hexagon icons for those who want to design a menu for music players.  The style is clean and  has a soft metallic feel to it.


#9: Social media hexagon icons

free hexagon icon set 10

Another is another set of hexagon icons for social media. It features a different kind of color tone and shadow effects but still looks cool.

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