10 Awesome Gadgets For Your Smartphone

Smartphones have totally revolutionized the mobile phone industry and no one can deny this fact. With the advent of these, now phones are not only a device to make phone calls and send text messages, now they act as mini computers that allow browsing the internet, taking high-quality photos and making HD videos, listening to music and playing games etc. Thus they offer the little functionality of many devices such as cameras, music players, gaming devices and computers all in one!

But apart from all these basic things, smartphones can be used for even smarter things! One can do some amazing things using these devices and the possibilities are endless. In some cases your smartphone can replace many advanced devices dedicated for a purpose. For instance, these can allows you do find your missing objects, keep tabs on your health and help you learn new things.

In this post we have for you a few devices which will help you take advantage of your smartphones in an ameliorated way and do some awesome stuff with them. So check this list of 10 Awesome Gadgets For Your Smartphone out and use your smartphones in an improved and more intelligent way.


Price: $49.00


If you are one of those people who lose their keys easily and then have to spend a great deal of time looking for them then this gadget is a must have for you. It is a life and time-saving device for iPhone and iPod that can help you find your keys easily and quickly. All you are required to do is to simply tie it with your keys and then you can find it quickly by simply pressing the Find button on your iPhone. The device will then light up and emit sound through which you can easily locate it! Awesome, right?!


Price: $32.00


This one is an awesome gadget that allows tracking the location of your beloved person, your pet, your vehicle etc to see if they have made an unscheduled departure from the area or if they have gone far from where you are at the moment. If it happens, you will be notified through email or text message.


Price: $175.00


This one is one of my favorite gadgets. It allows getting important information about your surroundings such as air quality, gas leakages, temperature, humidity and many other things. This is especially useful if you wish to monitor the environment around you or if technical measurements of it are a part of your job etc. It lets you know the quality of the environment around you.


Price: $199.00


This small robot for smartphones can help you move your smartphone around and chat with any human utilizing the minimalistic Skype interface. Simply plug your smartphone in and move it to different places, even places too small you to fit in, as it is quite small in size.

Viper SmartStart

Price: $149-$399

Viper SmartStart

This gadget can help you do all the things your remote key can do with your smartphone. It not only makes you naturally more cool and stylish, but also makes your life easier. It allows locking the car door, honking the car and releasing the trunk and even checking your vehicle status to make sure that it is safe and sound!

NODE Chroma

Price: $149.00

NODE Chroma

This awesome device is a really cool real-life color picker that lets you pick any color you like from anywhere and any object and then saving it on your smartphone or PC with standard formats like RGB, HEX, CMYK and LAB for reference and comparison etc.


Price: $65.00


If you work with microscopes a lot, then you should definitely get this gadget, as it allows connecting your smartphone camera to a supported microscope, and the capturing photographs. It even allows switching between the focal planes simply by touching.


Price: $159.00


This cool gadget has the ability of converting all your physical credit cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards into digital data. So for using these cards you can simply transfer its data to the provided Geode card temporarily. Then all you have to do is to just flick for activating the card and then use it as you normally do. It also allows storing all the barcodes from your loyalty cards and then displaying it at the back it for scanning.

Misfit Shine

Price: $79.00

Misfit Shine

If you wish to keep tabs on your physical activities on the go, then this gadget is perfect for you. Simply place it on your body, and get all the important information about your physical activities at the end of the day, such as if all those activities were enough to keep you healthy and fit!


Price: $15.00


This gadget can help convert your smartphone into an efficient bulk QR code scanner. Scanbox boasts LEDs that light up from the bottom to provide proper light to help scan the QR codes in a better way.

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  1. Frank says:

    Very informative and interesting

  2. Umer Rock says:

    All are nice Gadgets, i will try to buy last one, it is affordable and i like that.

  3. That’s a cool collection of smart gadgets, I’m especially liking the Chroma product, ideal in my job as a designer.

  4. Dylann Andre says:

    These are all awesome gadgets. I definitely get these for my smartphone.

  5. Ken says:

    Wow, you need to keep up on the Geode. It’s universally been declared a flop. I got one on Kickstarter and it never worked trying to connect up the card. Their support was mostly unusable. Now the founder has left the company, as have most of the “board” there. Support doesn’t answer queries anymore. The revised card that was promised never materialized. And of course, the port was designed for the old 30-pin connector, and by the time it finally came out, iPhone 5 was just about out anyway. It’s been mentioned in the Boston Globe on an article on Kickstarter as how big a flop it is. I think only a couple of people on Kickstarter ever got full satisfaction…most are trying to get refunds from Amazon.

  6. CUSpense says:

    You should eliminate the iCache Geode from your list. That was a Kickstarter-funded project that is dead in the water. Only a few backers, myself not included, have received the promised reward and the creators of the project have been unresponsive since the end of August, 2012. The Geode website also has changed significantly in the last six months. Most noticeably is the fact they no longer have a support product to manage issues.

    In short, stay away from this product and anything Jon Ramaci creates in the future. Great idea, but poor execution and communication.