10 Effective Project Management Software That Simplify Your Tasks

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to accomplish a successful project. It is a temporary effort that has a fixed beginning and end and is mostly time-constrained. It simply means that you have to accomplish some tasks on time through proper planning and management. Projects need a great deal of planning and dedication to be successful, so having an efficient project management tools are really inportant.

An efficient project management tool should not only be fast but should also boast all of the following features:

  • Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Budget Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Documentation

So today we have a list of 10 Awesome FREE Tools For Effective Project Management. Check them out!



It is an open source tool and it can be used as the desktop substitute of Microsoft Project. It is a great tool for desktop project management and it available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows. It even launches the existing native Project files. It shares the most advanced and efficient scheduling engine with Projects On Demand. This awesome tool boasts Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams (PERT Charts), WBS and RBS charts and earned Value costing etc.



This one is a web-based Project Management tool. It is an open-source multi-user and multi-language tool which is free for any uses and is maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers. Its main features are:

  1. Projects and Tasks
  2. Companies, Departments and Contacts
  3. ToDo lists
  4. Resource Allocation
  5. Forums
  6. Gantt Charts
  7. Reporting
  8. Calendar



As the name suggests, this one is a handy chart based project scheduling and management tool. It has many amazing features like Task hierarchy and dependencies, Gantt chart, Resource load chart, Generation of PERT chart, PDF and HTML reports, MS Project import/export and WebDAV based groupwork management etc.



ConsultComm is a tiny Java program that lets you keep tabs on how long you have worked on each project.

Its main features are:

  1. Integrated into your current time management or billing system; JDBC is supported so you have the ability of instantly uploading all your times and projects into most JDBC and ODBC compliant databases,
  2. This tool is platform-independent, and this fact lets you unify all your OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris workstations with one app
  3. Launched as an open source tool, so no fretting over vendor lock-in or customization problems.
  4. It is easily extensible by using plugins developed on the standard JavaBeans framework. Users and developers also have the ability of easily creating their own plugins to add custom functionality to ConsultComm
  5. It is customizeable to fit your style preferences



It is an advanced open source project management tool. It is a lot more flexible and better than the commonly used Gantt chart editing tools. This tool is for the serious project managers as it covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the culmination of the project. It proves to be really helpful during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planing, risk and communication management.

This awesome tool has an optimizing scheduler that works out your project time lines and resource assignments based on the project outline and the constraints that you have given. It has an inbuilt resource balancer and consistency checker. This tool is perfect for the latest management strategies like the Extreme Programming and Agile Project Management.



As the name hints, this tool lets teams collaborate on projects, manage tasks, milestones, and files, and send instant messages to each other. It is a multilanguage tool that supports 20+ languages. It integrates with other web services through an XML API. You also have the ability of importing data from other apps.



OpenGoo is a perfect online solution focused on ameliorating productivity, collaboration, communication and management of your teams.

Some of its main features are:

  • Tasks, documents, contacts, e-mail, calendar
  • Managing project progress, track time, and bill your customers.
  • Find all information in a single and elegant dashboard.
  • Communicate with co-workers, clients and vendors.



This one is yet another good Open-Source, self-hosted PHP tool that lets you manage tasks, projects and teams. It boasts an intuitive web interface. You can use this tool for organization communication, collaboration and completing the work. It is quite like the commercial groupware/project management products, but it provides the freedom and scalability of self-hosting.



It is an open source project management web tool that was developed using Ruby on Rails framework. It is a cross-platform and cross-database tool.

Its main features are the following:

  1. Multiple projects support
  2. Handy role based access control
  3. Handy issue tracking system
  4. Gantt chart and calendar
  5. News, documents and files management
  6. Feeds and email notifications
  7. Per project wiki
  8. Per project forums
  9. Time tracking
  10. Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users
  11. SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)
  12. Issue creation through email
  13. Multiple LDAP authentication support
  14. User self-registration support
  15. Multilanguage support
  16. Multiple databases support


Project Management is very important for accomplishing a successful project. Many project management tools are available out there, so finding the good ones that suit your needs can sometimes be tough. So please try to choose a tool that fits your needs, be it a web-based solution or a desktop one.

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  1. Mary says:

    I can add one more tool which deserves to be here and this is Comindware task management tool which offers many options for work.They are to organize work efforts into tasks and sub-tasks, to assign owners, priorities, and deadlines, to collaborate, share files, and set-up automated notifications.

  2. Alina says:

    Thank you for this great review,
    Our company currently uses some of online applications to manage our project tasks in a collaborative manner (we share them among the team members), but we still suffer from several problems – one of them is comparatively low performance when we work online. Could anyone please suggest an application that is free (or whether semi-free, or even paid, but not so expensive as MS Project)that has task and time management functionality, but works inside of your LAN (it is installable, or probably it can be somehow transferred from online mode to offline)? thank you.

  3. Jim says:

    Some good open source choices mentioned in the article. A few other open options to add to that list:

    LibrePlan (formerly Naval Plan) – http://www.libreplan.com/home/

    Endeavour (focuses on Agile software development) – http://endeavour-mgmt.sourceforge.net/

    Planner (software development focus) – https://launchpad.net/

  4. Luisa says:

    To simplify my tasks and collaborate with coworkers and clients, I use Teambox. This online software is cloud based storage so you are able to have all files and folders in one place, delegate task and priorities, view progress through conversation threats and mentions. You could also download apps for Iphone, Ipad, Chrome and other cool futures worth to try. It has a free version so take a look: https://teambox.com

  5. Andy says:

    Workgroups is another great to for advanced project management. It includes modules for job management, task management, scheduling, workflow, approval/review, and digital asset management. http://www.metacommunications.com/products/workgroups/

  6. Kirill says:

    One of the coolest feature in Redmine is a plugins, very powerful and flexible improvements. I making real CRM and Helpdesk system based on redmine

  7. John says:

    Great list. There are a lot of great options here, especially for those who want to download project management software and run it on their own servers.

    I would also recommend taking a look at Intervals for those who want something online and ready to go.

  8. alexшы says:

    Cool blog, very interest!

  9. PM Hut says:

    There are many omitted from this list, including Basecamp and collabtive.

    In any case, someone must invent a PM software that has everything that a project manager needs, so that the project manager won’t have to use many tools to manage his project.

  10. BP says:

    What about Jira?