WordPress themes with Infinite scroll

What is the infinite scroll?

An infinite scroll WordPress theme effectively places all required content into a single window view. The user then accesses the website content in one smooth flow, by scrolling down ‘into infinity’ depending on the length of the content, rather than needing to click through to other pages.

The infinite scroll is a hot trend in website design right now and it works particularly well for mobile devices, where users can simply swipe on their screens to move the content, rather than need to press buttons to navigate through a site. It is quicker, easier and provides an engaging user flow, as well as supporting the aesthetics of a lovely-looking site.

Brands also find that the infinite scroll allows them to get their message across to the target audience in a more compelling way, by placing it in a single flow. This reduces the risk of bounce and abandonment, and cleverly presented sales and marketing messages encourage readers to scroll down until they reach the Call To Action – increasing their chance of carrying it out.


What are the benefits of an infinite scroll theme?

Webdevs find that the benefits include:

– Better SEO – by controlling and decreasing the bounce rate

– Easier monetization with online advertising, thanks to an increase in ad impressions

– Faster loading time

– Encourages users to really engage with your content

– Improves user experience

– Removes the need to refresh pages

– Increases user time on your site


New trends with infinite scrolls

The website design industry changes all of the time with fresh trends appearing. One of the latest is the use of the infinite scroll design which shows another post at the end of the current blog or page. This means that the user really can scroll ‘into infinity’ by accessing all of the content – potentially – in a website in one smooth and seamless scrolling feed. You can see this in action on websites such as Forbes, Greatist, TNW and Quartz.


Which websites might benefit from using infinite scroll themes?

9gag.com is a good example of an infinite scroll theme. Other good options to look at include Herald (a fantastic scrolling magazine theme), Astra (extremely lightweight and customisable) and MyBlog, which is optimised for ads and SEO and extremely fast to load as a result.


What are the potential issues with an infinite scroll WordPress theme?


Not everyone likes the style, and it removes that sense of ‘completion’ that comes with click-through sites. Some users also prefer to see a footer – and this is hard to display.



If you can’t easily use a scroll on your phone due to physical limitations, you may struggle to engage with the website



If your content isn’t optimised to encourage reader journeys, then you may struggle to get your users to the CTA. Scrolling feeds also aren’t ideal if you have information that varies in importance, as it is all shown on the one page and doesn’t allow content prioritisation to happen.


Examples of WordPress sites that use infinite scrolls

You’ll find the infinite scroll in use on WordPress sites everywhere, but these are some in action which have won awards and recognition for their design, flow and user journey:


– Pinterest – is the ultimate in endless scrolls and it’s easy to get lost in a ‘Pinterest hole’ once you get started!

– Forbes – packed with easy-to-read content that just keeps on coming…

http://www.dynamit.us/ – a great example of a scrolling commercial site with beautiful design.

website with infinite scrolling 1

Brand New School  – another superb commercial site owned by a design and production agency, which resembles a magazine or interactive art project.

website with infinite scrolling 2


The importance of using safe WordPress themes and plugins

When you’ve put time and effort into building your WordPress site, you want to know that it’s secure. This means it’s essential to use a safe set of themes and plugins which are:


– Free from known security vulnerabilities

– Regularly updated

– Built to recognised coding standards

– Offered with service and support

– Compatible with your WordPress version and its plugins.


To do this, use platforms that have plenty of experience in offering vetted WordPress themes and plugins and read user reviews. The WordPress’ official Theme Directory is an ideal choice and it offers plenty of approved free themes. Themeforest is great for premium themes and Template Monster is another good all-rounder. Check for recent and regular downloads and read the small print.


Taking extra safety precautions

When you’ve spent time and energy creating the perfect WordPress site, you want to know that it’s protected. Additional security measures that you can – and should take – include:


  1. Using a VPN to safeguard your online authoring activity against hackers, snoopers, viruses and other types of malicious code. You’ll find free and paid for VPN services on offer.
  2. Using ThemeCheck – which is available as a plug-in and website. Simply add the details of the theme that you are considering and it will return information about its compliance to WordPress official standards.
  3. Using secure admin passwords – not ‘admin’! Try using a service such as LastPass to set stronger, longer passwords.
  4. Adding two-factor authentication
  5. Automatically set log-out for any idle user
  6. Implement an SSL layer via your hosting company or a third-party provider.

We have covered WordPress security in more depth in a recent blog and it’s well worth a read if you’re a WordPress author.


In conclusion

The infinite scrolling theme is on trend and offers plenty of benefits to the website author and reader alike. Just take care to protect your site with these safety steps and you’ll be good to go!


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