Top 10 fixed header wordpress themes for 2013

Fixed header wordpress themes are a new trend in website design. Why fixed header? There are a couple of reasons for it but the most important reason is to make navigation easier. Most of the time, fixed headers comprise menus that help the user to quickly navigate to other pages without scrolling back to the top. This will save the browsing time of your reader. However, fixed header design do have its problems as well. One obvious weakness is that it might distort the overall look of your website. Hence, it is extremely important to make your fixed header blend well with the rest of the elements, even the page is scrolling.

Fortunately, there are existing wordpress themes that already do this automatically so you so that you don’t have to think of how to do this.


Hybrid – A responsive fixed header wordpress theme

fixed header wordpress theme

Hybrid has been featured before in our coverage of one page wordpress theme. It also features a very elegant fixed header design that you have the option of turning on and off.


K – Another one page wordpress theme with fixed header

K fixed header wordpress theme

K has a rather unique fixed header design. If you look at the image above, the red color bar is actually the fixed header. However, when you first load the page, the red is in the middle. As you scroll up, the red bar will move upwards until it reaches the top where it will remain fixed. Pretty cool to see it in action.


Anchors – a fixed header wordpress theme for business

fixed header business wordpress theme

Anchors is a minimalist wordpress theme for business. It has a fixed header design that can be turn on or off.  Created in 2013 and was well received by the wordpress users.



Alterna – A fixed header wordpress theme with facebook fan page

fixed header wordpress theme with facebook fan page

Alterna is a wordpress theme that comes with a facebook fan page design. Yes, you can get both for the price of one. For the website design, the fixed header again has the on/off option.


Bent – An ecommerce wordpress theme with fixed header

fixed header ecommerce wordpress theme

Bent is a 2013 ecommerce wordpress theme that has a fixed header design. It is integrated with WooCommerce cart and lots of other plugins that you need to set your shop online. Bent even includes QR codes for folks who are using mobile to browse the site.


 Elite – A responsive portfolio wp theme with fixed header

elite fixed header wordpress theme

Elite is a very flexible portfolio theme with a fixed header. There are numerous option for you to change and customize including 5 homepage designs, 1 or 2 column layout as well as unlimited image gallery.


tdLight – A fixed header blogging wordpress theme

tdlight fixed header wordpress theme

If you want something just for blogging or simple content writing, then tdLIght is for you. It is a simple wordpress theme that focuses on the content and a fixed header design. Nothing complicated and it gets the job done


Solar  – A Pinterest wordpress theme with fixed header

pinterest  wordpress theme with fixed header

Solar is a pinterest style wordpress theme that has a nice fixed header design. As you scroll up, the pinterest board will cover the ‘welcome message’ row until it hits the menu which becomes fixed.


Resort – A flexible business wp theme with fixed header

resort fixed header  wordpress theme

Resort is a versatile wp theme for business. It comes with many useful functions that a business will need including customer testimonials, featured slider and a customizable homepage that has a fixed header.


Superhero – A free fixed header wordpress theme

superhero fixed header  wordpress theme

Nice to see a beautiful wp theme that is free and has a fixed header design. It does not have that many customizable options as the premium themes but it is free 🙂

Hope you enjoy this roundup. It is a bit small but the number of developers working on fixed header wordpress themes is not that many yet.

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  1. John says:

    Pretentious excerpt..

    Have worked with elite quiet a few times as this theme is absolutely a steal at this price,

    Now giving a thought on using Hybrid for next few project.