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It is common for designers to have large number of images stored in our PCs and laptops. The problem is that most of these images are duplicates, thus taking valuable storage space in our hard drive. As designers, we work with lots of photos so we need all the space we can get. This is where duplicate photo finder becomes useful as they help you to find duplicates images. You can then decide whether to accept or delete these duplicates. If you like to use such a tool, you will be happy to know that we have partnered with Mindgems to give away 10 copies of duplicate photo finder licenses for FREE.

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Here are some of the cool features that come with the license.



Effective search result

The effectiveness of an duplicate photo finder all comes down to how good its algorithm is in terms of being able to find visually similar content. This is where Mindgem’s version really shines. As you can see from the image above, it is quite capable of knowing which photos are similar. In fact, it can even tell you how similar they are. This is why this software receive such a high rating from CNET as their search result do work.


High level of control

One of the features I really liked about MindGem’s duplicate photo finder is its ability to let users control the percentage of similarity they want their results to have. For example, I only want to search for duplicates with 70% similarity. This can be done easily by setting your options.  Other search settings that I found useful include file type, level of resolution etc. All these allows me to decide on what kind of duplicate photos I want to find and delete.


Auto delete

Another time saving function that this software provides is the auto delete feature. Using this, you can set different triggers for automatically deletion. For example, you can specific that duplicate photos that are smaller than a certain size can be automatically deleted. Alternatively, you can also combine that with a time based setting such that older photos of a certain size can be removed automatically.


Simple interface

The interface is really easy to use. There are no feature overload here as it does what it claims to do: find duplicate photos fast and accurately.  The interface reflects this objective and keeps everything to a minimal so that it allows the user to get the job done.


Prize Details

10 lucky winners get  Duplicate Image Finder Licenses worth USD400.


How to join the giveaway

Just leave a comment saying “How Do You Want To Make Use of This Free Mindgems Account?”

Hope you guys enjoy this giveaway!

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  1. Ïām Gumŋääm says:

    My name is in the list but didn’t receive license yet.

  2. prabhath says:

    thanks…my name is in the list…

  3. gagan says:

    Ali bro I am waiting for results of this giveaway???

  4. gagan says:

    WOW Ali Bro, this giveaway is wonderful if i won and very useful for managing pictures in PC.. m crazy to win this competition
    Thanks and regards

  5. jamie says:

    This issue is seriously one that keeps me up at night. I have 1000s of images that need to be combed through. I would love to use mindgems.

  6. Uzair Ahmad Ch says:

    Hi, once again thanks for this great giveaway. You guys really rock. I need this to run on a project for personal use. hope i’ll be in luck

  7. Mahesh says:

    This Giveway is really going to make my life easy if i won. I just started photography and have lots of cluster of photos in several folders. It really going to help me to find the duplicate image and delete and make some space for new photos.

  8. Florin says:

    Since I am a photographer , i keep all of the pictures i made, and i made a lot of them . So , this software will come to me as a gold mine. Hope I’ll win the giveway. Good job all

  9. peter says:

    Sounds like a valuable tool to try to save room on hard drives and cloud storage!

  10. Kristen says:

    “How Do You Want To Make Use of This Free Mindgems Account?”

    i really need to get all my images under control. this would be a life saver!

    thank you for the offer!

  11. Amy says:

    I will use Mindgems to clean up my over-bloated external drive as I am constantly backing-up duplicate photos from our phones, ipads, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. kraymond70 says:

    I have a lot of images and this tool cool be great to minimize the use of my hard disk.
    Good Luck

  13. prabhath says:

    p/s count me in