Let Your Logo Design Come From the Crowd

Small business generally has a  limited budget for marketing, meaning they cannot afford to hire a professional logo designer. But along comes a new option to help small businesses grow their business:crowdsourcing.For example, instead of trying to make  yourself a logo for your company, or spending your marketing budget on a design consultant ,who will provide limited design choices at the end of a long design process,  you can have hundreds of designers work on your project for a fraction of the cost of a traditional designer.


If you don’t have any idea of how to start outsourcing or crowdsourcing a certain design project, then this is where DesignCrowd can help you.Their web app helps you outsource or crowdsource design projects like website design, logo design, flyer design, and t-shirt design for any creative project.

How does it work?

You can post a job ad with a description of your design project, and then designers from all over the world present logo designs. The way to work with designers is flexible: you can launch a design contest where you receive design ideas as submissions or you can approach a designer to work one-on-one. The usual cost of an outsourced or crowdsourced logo design contest is about $240 to $940. The customer can view all the designs and choose the one they like. If you want to work  one-on-one with a designer rather than host a design contest, the platform lets you negotiate the pay rate with the designer of your choice according to your budget.

How is DesignCrowd different from other apps?

www.designcrowd.com is a graphic design marketplace. Many crowdsourcing  websites offer various  kinds of freelance services instead of just one type, but DesignCrowd offers a complete design focus.


Main Features of DesignCrowd

  • Designcrowd  offers localized crowdsourcing services in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Free design consultations for customers who want guidance.
  • Online portfolios for viewing top designers
  • View and compare recent design contests across product categories
  • Different cost plans for projectsto suit your budget
  • New products being launched regularly –  DesignCrowd launched 16 new products including app design for, app icon and interface design; Facebook, Twitter, PowerPoint, Book Cover, Magazine, CD and 3D design etc.
  • Multiple submissions per project listing
  • User can select design best suited to your requirements
  • Money back guarantee available
  • Worldwide 24 hour customer service during business days

Get More Design Ideas Faster

If you are a small business or startup entrepreneur with a small budget and wish to see a lot of new and unique designs from various talented designers from around the world, then this app will be perfect for you. Instead of just hiring the services of a single design contractor (the traditional way) and asking him for more designs or editing a specific one;  you can crowdsource your next design project and get a choice of design options from many different designers for a low cost.


Crowdsourcing a logo design is less time-consuming and a handier process as compared to directly contracting a designer. To get the best design outcome you will need to view the submissions and give designers feedback (like you would in a traditional design agency) but DesignCrowd makes it easy to communicate with designers so you get the design best suited to your project.  By crowdsourcing design you will save a lot of money (and DesigbCrowd makes that process fun).

If you want an easier way out and have a large design budget, then consulting a design agency is an attractive option. But if you want to spend more time growing your business and less time out sourcing and managing design projects, then crowdsourcing  the more creative, faster and cheaper option especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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    Crowd source of design is an odious and unprofessional practice.