Details that you must not miss when designing a website in 2018

Web design has gotten more accessible than ever. Thanks to CMS platforms, ready-made templates, and easy customization of web elements with the help of available tools, anyone can make a website that is unique, functional, and beautiful at the same time.

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Unfortunately, access to web design tools and the features they offer also makes some of the common web design mistakes even more common. Many site owners and web designers neglect to attend to a few important details that could make or break their websites.

There are some very important details to attend to indeed, especially if you want your site to be pleasant to use. These are the details you must not miss when designing a website in 2018.



Depth is a big part of today’s web design. Ever since design guidelines like Google’s Material Design started incorporating depth as a way to make user interface multi-dimensional, elements like drop shadow and borders become crucial in web design as well.

However, simply adding shadow to create a floating look is not enough. Too bold of a shadow, and the entire look and feel of the site can be ruined. You want the shadow to be subtle; you want it to be just enough to create the illusion of depth and not much more.



2018 is the year of colorful websites. Minimal web design is still a big thing on the market, but more and more sites incorporate bold and bright colors to really make an impact. Similar to adding shadows to create depth, taking extra care when adding colors is also a must.

Bright colors are great, but you still want to limit the number of colors you use on the main elements of the site. Although the visuals are colorful, items like the navigation menu and the main text of the site need to be consistent and user-friendly from a design standpoint.



More internet users access websites using their mobile devices, so it is not surprising to see websites being designed to be mobile-friendly. That said, simply utilizing a responsive site is no longer enough. The entire design approach needs to put mobile first.

Top firms like the Avila Web Firm are already using this approach when working on sites for their clients. Instead of designing a desktop site and scaling it down, web designers now focus on a smooth mobile user interface while working on the desktop site simultaneously.



Last but not least, always think about accessibility when designing a site. Accessibility is a detail that many still neglect to consider despite the big push for a friendlier internet in general. Fortunately, attending to the accessibility aspect of your site brings another hidden advantage: better SEO performance.

In many ways, crawlers can index your site better when the site itself is designed to be accessible. This is because crawlers function the same way as screen readers, zoom tools, and other accessibility tools. Design for accessibility, and you will have a site that shows great SEO performance from the start.

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