SmashingHub’s cool tools roundup 12

Welcome to the 12th article in the cool tools roundup series. It was so long ago that I started this roundup feature and I thought that I would run out of free tools to cover. Surprising, this was not the case. Time and time again, I was surprised by the kind of new tools that came to the market without any fanfare or marketing. Most of the times, they were the result of developers trying to solve their own problems. I hope this feature can shine a spotlight on these free but useful tools so that the work that went into them will not be wasted.

Here is this week’s roundup.


#1: ParticleGround

cool tools roundup 12-1

As the name implies, it is a very cool jquery plugin that helps to create particular background. It will save you a lot of work if you are thinking of using such background in your design.


#2: SVGCircus

cool tools roundup 12-2

This free online based tool allows you easily create SVG animations such as spinners, loaders etc that you want to use in your website design. It only takes a couple of minutes for you create a cool SVG looping animation.


#3: Path.js

cool tools roundup 12-3

Here is a cool little tool you got to see. Using high level API to create SVG paths for geometric shapes, these paths can then be used in template engine such that they can be displayed in the browser. Very useful for creating charts and stuff.


#4: Hartija

cool tools roundup 12-4

Hartjia is a CSS print framework. Using it, you can easily control how your website will output in terms of print layout and other design element.


#5: Fitter Happier Text

cool tools roundup 12-5

Funny name but it does serve a useful purpose: it makes your heading fluid and fits into different device interface. It works very similarly to fittext.js so you might want to do a comparison to see which one works better.


#6: CSS Background Generator

cool tools roundup 12-6

Another background generator that will give a super easy way to create colorful CSS background. It is completely online and free to use. What more do you want? 🙂


#7: Gravit

cool tools roundup 12-7

This is an open source tool that you can use to do your design. Completely free and web based. Very cool.


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