The future of ads: programmatic native advertising

Advertising has and will continue to develop into the next frontier, which has been aptly named: native advertising.

Native advertising is being employed by thousands of large brands around the world, after being born from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

But just as advertorials and content marketing has progressed, so has native advertising.

Programmatic native advertising is the future of native ads, allowing native ad placements across a range of sites to be displayed, using real time data to ensure the most relevant ad is displayed to a user.

The truth is; programmatic promises to enhance; the overall user experience, reduce time management and scale content distribution.

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The beginning of programmatic native advertising

While there has been much debate in the media arena regarding whether native ads should be traded programmatically; it’s already happening. It is the future of advertising.

With the new OpenRTB 2.3 IAB programmatic guidelines now published, brands now have the ability to actively set up and manage in-feed native ads in a real time bidding platform.

It is early days of programmatic native ads however; they will soon be commonplace amongst all native advertising agencies. They provide publishers with control over their ad inventory and all that has been learnt through video and display being traded programmatically will be applied to native advertising.

The changes programmatic will bring to native ads

Adyoulike’s Content and Publishing Director, Dale Lovell recently released five changes that programmatic will bring to native advertising. The changes programmatic is set to bring is thought to largely enhance personalisation and the creativity of ads.

#1: An explosion of in-feed native ads on mobile

With native advertising undoubtedly being the best ad medium for mobile, programmatic will simply enhance this. With the use of programmatic, in-feed native ad placements will explode due to their ability to attract the millennial users and directly engage with consumers on a personal level.

#2: Images become even more important

Most, if not all native advertising agencies and publishers are aware of how important a great picture is to any ad. As the data expands, an increasing number of images which are updated regularly will become the norm in native advertising.

#3: Video gets personal

An increasing number of brands are now publishing “point of view” videos which are proving to be extremely popular amongst the millennials. This is a trend set to continue in native advertising, along with personal video content along with HD quality acting as its driving force.

#4: The power of the headline

The power of the content within a headline will grow in importance with the addition of programmatic. This is set to drive engagement levels even higher and further improve the click through rate (CTR).

#5: Content opportunities will be endless

Native advertising is the most creative ad format there is available and the introduction of programmatic will further enhance this. To further improve ad engagement programmatic will mean there will be fewer audience and technological limitations for these creative ads.

With programmatic native advertising just beginning, the world of media has something to look forward to.

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