SmashingHub’s cool tools roundup 11

Here is another roundup of cool tools for developers and/or designers. This roundup is rather exciting as there are a host of really useful tools, ranging from a new CMS for static website to a web server with pre-processing built it.  My personal favorite is relativewave, which is the first tool you can see below. It is a godsend for iOS developers as it significantly reduces the time for prototyping. If you are a iOS designer, make sure to check that out.


#1: Relativewave – native prototypes for designers

cool tools roundup 11-1

First up is this cool mobile prototyping tool that works with an iOS device. It is pretty expensive but they are working on a free trial now. I suggest you download the free trial and see how this nice prototyping tool that help you save lots of time and effort for your designing work.


#2: Ideal Image Slider

cool tools roundup 11-2

A bare minimal image slider that simply works. No fuss, no bloated code and no unnecessary features. If you are looking for a image slide that is easy to use, try this. It is free!


#3: Free music making app – Super Looper

cool tools roundup 11-3

Not a productivity tool but I think there is a lot of music fans out there who might appreciate this. It is a failed demo project but it is damn fun to play with. You don’t need to download or install anything. Simply visit the url and start making some beautiful music.


#4: Searchable Database of React Components

cool tools roundup 11-4

Now, this is really useful. It is a search engine for react components that some of you might need in your coding work. Stuff like react_googlemaps, react_if etc are all present and accountable for. Definitely a good resource to have if you used react components.


#5: Spress – free static website creator

cool tools roundup 11-5

Need a simple way to publish a static website? Then consider Spress. It is like wordpress but for static website creation. It is completely open source which means its functions can be easily extended via the use of add ons. Best of all, there is no need for a backend as it is powered by flat files.


#6: Bumpkit – library for web audio API

cool tools roundup 11-6

Although this is a work in progress, it is already quite useable. Basically, Bumpkit is a library that you can easily access to use some of the web audio API that is available on the internet. It makes coding music much faster and more efficient.


#7: Browserstack – live browser testing

cool tools roundup 11-7

Browserstack is a virtualization service that lets you easily live test your website on different types of browsers that exist on various operating systems. The configurations alone is mind boogling but Browerstack takes care of this problem by building a simple layer on top of all these different browsers. There is a free trial available so take advantage of that to see how easy it is now to test your website on various platforms.


#8: Harp – static web server with built-in preprocessing

cool tools roundup 11-8

The best part about Harp is the automatic pre-processing of your code for front end rendering. This really saves your a lot of time as you can now spend more time on the actual code writing than the rendering.

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