10 cool loading animated gif

The use of loading animated gif is becoming very common in web design as they provide information about the processing time. Some might even be a source of entertainment if you designed them correctly. To get you started in coming out with cool loading gif, here are some example that I have encountered. Most of these loading gif are animated and do not recycle the typical loading bar or timer kind of design.

Have fun!


#1: Calming cat loading gif

cool loading animated gif 1

I love this particular loading gif. It is so fun to look at that you can spend ages looking at it and no noticed the loading time of your website or app. Very very cool.


#2: Stylish loading gif

cool loading animated gif 2

This is not as cute as the loading cat above but it is very stylish and looks very different from what you normally see. It proves that a rotating loading gif need not always be so boring.


#3: Shape changing loading gif

cool loading animated gif 3

Warning: you will lose minutes looking the above animated loading gif! The shape changing nature of this gif makes you want to stare at it for a long long time. Don’t say you were not warned! (sorry, don’t know the source)


#4: Loading gif for ecommerce

cool loading animated gif 4

The use of a shopping bag is a great idea that every ecommerce store can use for its loading gif. It is simple and reenforces what the website does very well.  (sorry, no link again)


#5:  Flipping book loading gif

cool loading animated gif 5

A very different kind of animation with the book flipping rather than the usual rotating. Might be very suitable for an ecommerce bookstore or an ebook company.


#6: Pretty cool loading gif

cool loading animated gif 6

I don’t know how to name this particular loading animation design but it looks damm cool.


#7: Bear climbing loading gif

cool loading animated gif 7

A very fun and cool bear climbing loading gif.  (no source link)


#8: Structure loading gif

cool loading animated gif 8

I can’t explain why but this animated gif that combines the different shapes is very memorizing.


#9: Hand draw loading gif

cool loading animated gif 9

This is a cool hand draw loading gif that I have not seen use in recent website design.


#10: Flat design loading gif

cool loading animated gif 10

Here is a set of free animated pre loaders that use flat design. It is very minimalistic and works great with you already have a flat design ecommerce or website.

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