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Go to any top notch website on online marketing and you will find dozens of articles pertaining to email newsletters. Why? Because email newsletters are still the best method to get to your audience. No matter how successful sites like Facebook and Pinterest become and no matter how many followers you gain on them, they are not free from their drawbacks.

The biggest drawback is – when you develop a Facebook page (say) with a plethora of quality content – you are actually not building your site, you are building Zuckerberg’s. If at any later time Facebook feels you have violated their rules and regulations, they will get your page down, taking away all your followers!

On the other hand if you have email subscribers you are unlikely to face any such disaster and even if you do you can shift your email list to another platform.

But there are a lot of email newsletter delivery softwares available in the market. Which to choose? We recommend MailerLite.


MailerLite offers very cheap email marketing services. Nowadays most email newsletter softwares charge around 220$ per year but MailerLite charges only $99 per year, less than half of the competition.

Their email marketing services offer many options to help you run your business smoothly. Some of them are:

Drag-and-drop newsletter editor – Don’t know any HTML or CSS? Don’t worry. Just as you don’t need any coding skills to use Facebook or Gmail, in the same way you don’t need them to use MailerLite. With their drag-and-drop editor you can literally drag and drop elements to construct the newsletter that you want.

Mobile friendly interface – Did you know that people who own a phone are in larger numbers than people who own a toothbrush? Many people surf the Internet through only smart phones and many others use the phone when they can’t get access to a computer. You surely wouldn’t want to leave them out, would you? With MailerLite, your email newsletter is automatically optimized for mobile devices so that when a browser checks his email on his phone, your email appears properly formatted to him.

Personalize your email – You will probably trash an email from a stranger not containing the addressee i.e. your name in the Subject or the first line without even reading it. But you won’t do that if you see your name on it somewhere.

With MailerLite you can use your recipient’s name and even the things he has recently bought from you to make that personal touch.

Optimized for all email clients – Your email newsletter will look perfectly fine no matter which service your recipient uses. Be it Yahoo, Gmail, or even Outlook, Apple Mail and other desktop clients.

This will save you on a lot of time. Were it not for this feature you would have to optimize your email individually for individual email services, one by one.


I think I have given you enough reasons to check MailerLite out. Go and see and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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