15 Creative CSS Approaches Used in Websites

Nowadays, web designers are offered a wealth of tools that will help them do everything from organizing and creating a particular design to debugging their final design. However, it seems that HTML codes are not enough when it comes to designing a dynamic and reactive web design where learning and implementing CSS could be the best option. CSS provides a lot of benefits from faster loading time, less time to create and update new pages, and easier maintenance. Here are the most responsive CSS  approches website designs that you can draw inspiration from and use for your own design.



Cymetriq offers a portfolio-style website where you can use a number of varied styles and elements for a unique-looking site.  It allows users to scroll down from top to bottom for the gallery samples for styles and designs and hover over the navigation bar to check for its CSS elements.



Based on the Little Big Planet game, the style of this website allows you to navigate a seemingly random direction that takes you through the numerous stages of the design process that the Dego team claims to take their potential clients from the brainstorming to the launching of the website, and its success.



The WeAreX3 website offers a unique way to hire an intern for their internship design. It made use of sci-fi design that combines a unique horizontal page scroll and vertical elements. If you visit their site, you will be tasked to scroll down the pages and the website hopes that the unique look they are offering will attract the kind of design intern that they are looking for.

Lift Interactive


With Lift Interactive, you are assured of simple and effects that will not messed up your web page. It has many tricks up its sleeves as once you click something like the header image, you will be redirected to a layered page that has 3D book effects. The movement of the header images is cool as well.


Vzug offers a dynamic timeline that provides details about the company’s 100-year evolution. Rather than being displayed on a static page with photo, it provides an attractive-looking design and annotated page.  The woman detailing the company’s history look appropriate for the era mentioned, which made it more visually appealing to its target audience, the housewives.

Vacheron Constantin


The Vacheron Constantin is really a French website that reeks of old time tradition. Just hold the scroll down button and enjoy the show as it takes you back in time were letters are RSVP’d and stamped with wax candle insignia, very elegant. The website truly reflects the quality of the watches and showed the inspiration behind their designs as well.

Mammoth Booth


Mammoth Booth is a favorite for those who want some funky website. Playing on the theory that you should not do something that you are not supposed to, you will surely click the fire button just to satisfy your curiosity. This will   result in a series of picture cascade onto the screen for those who want to create a photo booth.



Jeclat allows you to sail around the world and check out the different events that are being offered everywhere. You can also check out sights and open side panes, where scrolling sideways lead you to popular events. Grabbing the statue can also build intrigue and involvement from the users, too.

Driver Club


Designed for Ubisoft when the company released the new driver game, the Driver Club can make you easily see the link between the website and the game. It makes use of transform as you scroll down and the whole website comes to life with the appearance of rolling credits.



A website  for adventure t-shirts, FineGoods offers some little surprises as you hover over the navigation drawers, since they move like real drawers; as you  scroll down the page, and even with the price tags made from HTML text. The limited selection of goods also contributed why the unique design works.

Envy Labs


The Envy Labs makes use of CSS transforms to create a rotating carousel that shows the company’s goals and objectives when you click the next and previous buttons. The rest of the page is relatively simple, but it is a good website that utilized CSS in a number of ways.

Tep Trek


Tep Trek incorporated a number of intricately designed layers into a single design. As you scroll down, it changes the initial display as frames roll down the page while the page numbers appear and disappear. It also offers a crisp and sleek finish mainly due to its black and white color, which allows visitors to concentrate fully on the content.



The Inzeit website literally comes alive as you start to scroll down the page. This is more than just a great-looking static design as it allows the different layers to move in different directions and speeds. Though visitors need some encouragement to make the right moves, they will be rewarded as the site becomes active as the visitors take some action.



A photographic gallery website, ShockBlast comes alive as soon as the page loads. Every hover on the page can help bring the page alive where it includes a number of great photographic samples on its homepage. The website also categorizes and paginates photos for easy navigation, which makes it simple and highly effective.



The Beercamp is a pop-up book styled website that allows users to turn pages off the pop-up displays. It pushes the CSS 3D to its limits with its innovative design that can be rotated by clicking on the page and turning them, making the website colorful, interactive and appealing to its users.

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