Microsoft’s Latest Innovation – Modern.IE (IE Testing Become Easier)

With the advent of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft has been trying really hard to get back in the browser industry but have failed miserably in doing so. Internet explorer has become a joke to the internet community. The users as well as the developers have hated Internet Explorer for a very long time now. Nonetheless, Microsoft is not giving up and they are trying their best to bring it up to par. In order to restore their lost faith with us, they have come up with something new which hopefully is in the right direction. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Modern.IE.


What you can do with this is you can find tools and resources as developers to check the compatibility issues and help resolve them. Microsoft knows exactly what their customers are troubled with and the compatibility issues and this is there way of helping us; genius if I might say so.

Modern.IE is still in Beta mode though but it works flawlessly enough for you to do your work as developers and it to do its work as a detection mechanism. This particular mechanism should take care of the compatibility issues once and for all. I wonder though, there are many gifted programmers working with Microsoft and they are well aware of the compatibility issues too so then why can’t they take care of the issues themselves. Should be fairly easy and quick don’t’ you think?

modern error

Another interesting aspect is that the Modern.IE offers three months of free access to BrowserStack. It is a virtual browser testing site whereby you should be able to test your website on multiple browsers. The cherry on top is that Modern.IE has plug-ins available for Chrome and Firefox which means that you should be able to access BrowserStack via your personal favorite browser.


Hope this helps Internet Explorer in the positive.

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  1. Ed says:

    This is nice they’re offering such a service, but honestly they really want to help us out, make IE more compatible with the things firefox and chrome are already doing.

    I personally think IE should just fade away, I mean firefox and chrome are the better browsers to use not because they are rapidly adding new features but because they offer such a vast amount of customization that IE doesn’t offer.

    Opera I think has potential as well, but the add-ons aren’t as plentiful, which is a shame as I will use Opera from time to time and think if it had more add-ons, I’d use it more often or even exclusively.

  2. vencanice says:

    I like Microsoft and Internet Explorer. I hope thi browser will be the best Micrsoft browser.

  3. Another josh says:

    Why can’t MS just release decent web developer plugins for their browsers instead of just helping us cope with compatibility issues?

  4. P says:

    Exactly what Josh said, people just need to stop using IE. This is just as stupid as IE itself…I, for one, don’t even care if my websites look terrible in IE…it’s the users fault for continuing to use IE. IE please just go away already…

    • Mike says:

      You produce your websites the way you want. If you want to artificially limit your audience then do so. I would not hire a developer who complains about my user’s use of a browser they dislike.

      It is developers with the attitude that it is the users fault that are the problem.

  5. Angelica says:

    Yeah. Microsoft is rising up. The latest IE looks lighter than before. 🙂

  6. josh says:

    meh. the real answer for compatibility is not to use IE.