The Secrets To Designing Effective Marketing Materials That Actually Work

If you are creating your very own marketing campaign for a small business then you need to ensure that you are creating materials that are effective and actually work. Paying out for a marketing company to run a campaign for you is not always within reach financially, so doing it alone or with a little help from friends and family, makes the most sense. This only makes sense however if you take the right approach. Arm yourself with a whiteboard for ideas, high-quality office and a3 printers, a solid team, and then follow these tips to create a marketing drive that will bring people to the business.

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High-Quality Paper

This is no longer the age of Clipart and some standard white paper with a message printed on it, in fact, those kinds of materials will never find you any success at all. There is no reason that you cannot get your hands on some high-quality paper to print your marketing campaign onto. Even if you are only making fliers, you can create a very high-quality piece from the office, which will give you some level of success.

However, there is a better option available now. Investing in print on demand services lets you make all kinds of marketing materials such as brochures, fliers, business cards, banners, and so much more. You can customize the material to your exact specifications and get it delivered to your customers within days or even hours in some cases.



Huge companies can afford to create obscure adverts which make people ask a question, we have seen evidence of this with the likes of Apple and Microsoft over the years. Your small business however cannot take this chance, so simplicity is most certainly the key to success. Make sure that your message is direct and to the point, and that you are able to deliver your message succinctly for everyone to understand.


Who Are You TargetingĀ 

When it comes to creating the best marketing materials it is important to consider exactly who it is that you are targeting. If you are looking to entice the younger generation then things like pin badges or quirky toys can work well. If you are looking to engage an older customer then items such as pens would be a far smarter option. Consider how creative you can be with materials and then aim to target them to the customer who you are looking to entice.



So many small businesses get the message right when they are marketing, but they fail when it comes to using the opportunity for branding. This is what tells your company apart from the rest and the colors and fonts which you use on your ad materials are going to be critical to helping the customer identify who is advertising and where they can find you. This is also why things like personalized bags for customers are so important, versus a standard white or brown bag. These are simple marketing tools and materials which you can use to remind customers of exactly who you are.


The key to delivering a high-quality marketing campaign is making sure that you have planned a multi-faceted attack on the market. Make sure that you have the highest quality marketing materials and that you are aiming it all towards your very own target market.

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