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When it comes to designing a website, webmaster has to make a lot of hard choices. From selecting a name to deciding a domain host, from getting a perfect design to finding great imagery and last but not the least, finding a great content to fill in the website. We all know that content is one of the most important things in a website but what people does not know is that font is equally important. So, selecting the perfect font for your website should be an important decision.

In this article we will be discussing the ways to select a perfect font for your website. Not only this, in this article we will also show you websites with excellent font selection and usage in order for you to get inspired.

Guidelines for selecting the correct Font

Guidelines for selecting the correct font

Following are a few essential guidelines that you must keep in mind while selecting the fond of your website.



When you begin the search for that one perfect font, you will be surprised to see the amount of variety available for fonts. I won’t blame you if you end up confused or you have selected something really different and cool. While you are selecting a font, make sure you do not forget the most basic factor of selecting it i.e., it should be readable. If people won’t be able to read content on your website, they will leave it. Try to select a simple font and test it before you use it. Do not become one of those websites that won’t let you enjoy their informative content just because of the font. Keep it simple and easy for your visitor and by doing this, you are already one step ahead of your competitor.

Trying to be innovative with fonts is a big NO

As a creative person, it is always good to be innovative, creative and original however, when it comes to font, try not to be original. You can use your original efforts for other purposes but nor for fonts. Have you ever noticed that every website that you visit is using Arial, Tahoma or Calibri? The reason behind using these fonts is that they are extremely readable and they do not give users a tough time. Yes, there are other interesting fonts available but they are definitely not for a content based website.

Vigilant usage of wild fonts

Vigilant usage of wild fonts

If there is a font that you find extremely pleasant and soothing for your eyes aesthetically, use it. However, such fonts can only be used for titles or headings and they should actually suit the theme of your website. Wild fonts should be well coordinated with your website’s design. If the design and font is not in coordination, your website will lose its harmony. Always remember that font is an integral part of website’s designing although it is not given the importance it deserved. For instance, Elysium burns have incorporated large, bold, sans serif fonts with habitual serif fonts to create a fantastic design.

Give your instincts a chance

Give your instincts a chance

With so many options available, listening to your guts gets very difficult. With people pouring suggestions from everywhere makes it even harder. Sometimes, it’s good to give your instincts a chance. If you like a font, you obviously like it for some reason. Do not underestimate your choices and trust yourself. If you have shortlisted a few fonts and you are unable to select from them, you should simply make side-by-side comparisons and pick the perfect one for your website.

Pairing of your fonts

Pairing of your fonts

It is very rare that only one type of font is used throughout the website. Normally a website has so much text and usage of one font is simply impossible. Now, this does not mean that you should use way too many fonts on your website because it will make your website look even worse. If you are creative enough, you will be able to mix and match your fonts and make a perfect pair. While pairing up two different fonts you should see if they are similar enough but at the same time they should not be too similar. Sometimes, you should make a wise selection and go for two sans-serifs, one for headlines and other one for the body. Whatever you choose, make sure you are able to deliver your message.

Size of the font is indeed important

Size of the font is indeed important

Size of your font is as important as any other thing in your website. Generally, it has been observed that most of the designers go for 12 px for the text within the body. Some are more likely to go for 14px which makes the text even more readable. However, the difficult situation comes when a designer has to decide the font size for titles. Everyone will have a different opinion however, to make things simple you should keep it as big as it needs to be. You should simply try different sizes and see which one is perfect.

Color of font

Color selection of your website’s font is way too important. Whatever font you select, it should ensure readability. Also, do not forget that you need make a perfect contrast of the text color and the background color. Black text on white background is commonly seen but this is just an example. You can surely find other great contrasts or even make one.

Free Font Sites

Looking for some free fonts? Check out these sites:


Your typography has to be readable and if it is, as mentioned earlier, you are already one step ahead from your competitors. While selecting font, do not think too much about what is right and what is wrong. They way you use the font will play an important role in making it right or wrong. Now, we will leave you with some websites that can work as a great ‘fonted’ inspiration and you will love the way designers have used typography in them. It is simply beautiful.

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