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The word ‘Minimalism’ can be used in various scenarios and contexts. It is not only used for technical terms but also for our daily routine. When it comes to web designing, this word holds quite importance. Each designer incorporates the concept of minimalism in its web design in its own way. Since, it can be used in many ways, sometimes it is easy to get the whole concept of minimal web design wrong. If you want to design a website with minimal web design, it is important for you to understand its correct meaning so that you know what to do and most certainly, what not to do.

Minimal web design, in no way, means your web design requires any less time or importance in comparison to other design kinds. You should be able to convey your website’s message with simplicity. Yes, minimal web design will require a little less effort because it won’t contain extra features or gimmicks in your website. It simple means a simple design with fewer distractions so that user can focus more on the actual theme. If you are able to deliver your message to your target audience with a simple design, you have successful created a successful website with minimal designing.

Establishing a focus

Establishing a focus

Executing minimalism in your website is definitely not an easy thing so before you start working on it, you need to establish your focus. You should be able to deliver your message without doing too much designing on your website. A website contains a lot of information so trying to fit all the information in minimal designing can result into a disaster as well so before starting off, brainstorming is very important.

Can your website afford minimal designing?

Can your website afford minimal designing

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Not all websites are meant to be designed this way. Take your time to analyze the content and reason behind your website. If you think your website cannot be designed with the minimal approach, do not push it too hard to be one. However, if your website’s information can be delivered precisely, go ahead with minimalism concept.

Chopping off extra stuff

Chopping off extra stuff

From all the contents you plan to have in your website, differentiate among the most important and least important. You will be amazed at how fewer features are actually important to get your message across.

Follow the concept of reductionism

Follow the concept of reductionism

The designers are praised because of their ability to turn a blank space into something really beautiful. Obviously, while filling the blank screen, they spill out their creativity wherever they can. However, this is not the right way to design a minimal web design. Following the concept of reductionism can really help you although it might double your work but it will give you desired results. Create a full design and then start removing unnecessary stuff. You will definitely love the end result.

Excellent coordination of color palette

Excellent coordination of color palette

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Now, just because you are designing a minimal web design does not mean that it has to be a dull and boring website. Instead of taking out colors from your website, try to add well planned color combinations. Black and white is all time favorite but it is not a necessity. Also, do keep in mind that how you use the colors is also something very important. You can use a subtle background color and combine with a good accent color in order to highlight important features. The coloring of a website matters a lot so make sure you work really hard on it.

Typography enhances the content

Typography enhances the content

Minimal designs put more emphasis on typography because all the extra gimmicks are extracted from the website. Naturally, when there is not much to display or focus in a website, content grabs the attention. Since user won’t have a lot of distractions, he will immediately focus towards text so typography has to be attractive yet simple. Also, minimal designs are the best way to show how creatively typography can be used. Now, selecting a nice font and along with using it in a perfect way will enhance the beauty of your minimal design. The personality of your website will be enhanced if you make a wise typography selection.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the styles, sizes and color of the font but make sure it all compliments the entire theme of the website.

Creative and intelligent layout

Creative and intelligent layout

Just because you have opted to have a minimal web design site does not mean that you have to have simple layout. Structure of the website is very important and now that you have fewer features to incorporate, it is a great opportunity to come up with an intelligent layout. Proper placement of logo and easy navigation are key points. If your visitor is having a hard time in navigating in order to find desired content, you have done something wrong. A well-executed design has to be simple yet easy to navigate.

Your most powerful tool – Negative Space

Your most powerful tool Negative Space

You must have heard that less is more and when it comes to ‘less factor’ in web designing, your most powerful tool is the negative space. The items displayed on your negative space are bound to grab attention. Also, the negative space gives the visitor’s eye a much needed break from over the top designs. I can understand that as a designer a lot of ideas will be popping in your head to fill that empty space but sometimes, leaving this empty space can be really useful.

Maintaining a balance


With all this conversation of taking away features, extra gimmicks and keeping it simple, you must be thinking that adding images is going to be a big NO. If you think so, you are wrong. In minimal designing, images are bound to shine more. However, maintain a balance between images, content and simplicity of the website is important. Sometimes images say more than the actual content and if you think this can work for you then get rid of those long paragraphs and add an image.


Do not try minimal designing just to follow a trend or to set a new trend. You should do it only if you have all the right reasons to do so. Go for minimal designing only if it is the requirement of the project. Minimal web designing is a great way to enhance important features and get rid of useless distractions.

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