17 personal homepage design inspiration for 2014

It will only be a couple of months before going into 2014. Time to update your personal homepages especially if you are a freelancer who wants to get more business.  Since last year, there been a lot of changes to how websites are designed. Of particular note is the use of a single page design that is becoming rather popular, especially among designers and startups.

If you feel like your personal homepage needs an update, here are some of the best personal home designs that I have come across this year. Please feel free to use them for your own inspirations and ideas!


#1: Personal hompage by Dennis Adelmann

personal homepage design inspiration 1
For a clean and minimalist look, the personal homepage of Germany design, Dennis Adelmann, serves as an great example of how this can be done.


#2: Animated personal homepage by Isaac Paavola

personal homepage design inspiration 2-2 personal homepage design inspiration 2-1

This animated homepage has a very smooth sliding movement when you click on any of the links at the top. It is pleasing and present itself very professionally.


#3: Responsive personal homepage by Petter Nilsson

personal homepage design inspiration 3

A super minimalist personal homepage design by a Finnish designer. It only has the most important information such as contact page, address etc and nothing else.


#4: Full screen personal homepage by Diego Jiménez

personal homepage design inspiration 4

A  full screen personal homepage is another rising trend that I am seeing. Using a nice photography of the designer as the background is a powerful way to retain visitors and readers.


#5: A typography based homepage design by Anton Moritz

personal homepage design inspiration 5

A personal homepage design that uses very nice typography as the main design element. Check out the lovely logo design as well. It adds a lot to the whole look and feel of the site.


#6:  Personal homepage design by Tim Hartmann

personal homepage design inspiration 6

Using a map application on the phone as the image is something that is refreshing and not commonly seen.  All the details point to the fact that the designer is very updated on the latest web development trends.


#7:  Card UI style of homepage by Ermin Čeliković

personal homepage design inspiration 7

This personal homepage uses a card UI design concept. Since card UI is going to be a big trend for 2014, I see this kind of personal homepage design becoming more common next year.


#8: A dark personal homepage design by  Tyler van der Hoeven

personal homepage design inspiration 8

Liked dark background? Then check out this very elegant design by Tyler. It is beautiful and functional at the same time. A great piece of design.


#9: A fun personal homepage by Megan Fox

personal homepage design inspiration 9

First of all, this is not the actress Megan Fox. It is the same people but different person. Now that this is out of the way, let’s talk about the design. It is image intensive but conveys a fun and exciting image.


#10: A personal homepage fit for mobile by Endre Myrvang

personal homepage design inspiration 10

Endre has created a design that is fit for mobile and web display. It is clean and is not too image intensive so that it loads fast and reads very well.


#11: Personal homepage of Corey Haggard

personal homepage design inspiration 11

This designs showcase everything well, from portfolio to contact to a little blurb about the designer. The overall look is also clean and easy to navigate.


#12:  A cartoon/illustration based personal homepage by Camp Steve

personal homepage design inspiration 12

For those who can draw well, here is a design that you can probably use. The whole has a lot of illustrations done by the designer himsef so everything looks pretty unique.


#13: A super white homepage design by Matt Bango

personal homepage design inspiration 13

A very light weight personal homepage design that uses lots of white. I like the way the word changes after the “I CREATE” from websites, apps, photography etc. It is a nice CSS3 animation trick but it works very well here.


#14: Another clean personal homepage by Adam Gamble

personal homepage design inspiration 14

This is another variation of the clean design look, using images to categorize the different sections of the personal homepage.


#15:  A color coded personal homepage byFarid el Nasire

personal homepage design inspiration 15

I love the different color codes used by the designer. It gives a vibrant feel to the entire homepage even though most of it is in dark colors.


#16:  A cool animated homepage by Timothy ッ

personal homepage design inspiration 16

Timothy uses a nice CSS3 animation technique to keep the main blurb moving. This adds a touch of surprise to another otherwise clean looking personal homepage.


#17: Homepage design by Ilias Ismanalijev

personal homepage design inspiration 17

This is a very interesting use of full screen image with a heavy dose of graphic design. It looks clean and yet has is distinct for other minimalist personal homepage designs.

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  1. Mario says:

    Personal home pages are good for personal branding and exposure. And to facilitate this your home page design should be of high quality.

  2. Angus says:

    Ali, understand what you are saying, but why not use another way to display the links via .js or something else. Without links the post loses a lot of its value for me as a reader.

  3. Marie O says:

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    • Ali Qayyum says:

      Hi Marie

      I have explained this. Due to google penguin, I have received many requests over the past few months to remove the link.
      This takes a lot of effort.
      Hence, I rather not include the links to avoid this problem.